Best Time To Visit Macau

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Macau’s location on China’s southern coast and sub-tropical climate makes it an easy place to plan a trip. With an average temperature of 23˚C, Macau a warm-climate destination, however, there are warmer months and cooler months along with a host of activities to suit each season. The best time to visit Macau depends on what you’d like to see and do. 

Do keep in mind that the weather in Macau can sometimes be rather unpredictable and a rainy day can quickly become sunny. So, here’s your guide to picking the best time to visit Macau. 

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Best Time To Visit Macau

Macau’s Warmer Months (April to October)

macao weatuer
Stay cool by a pool at one of the many resorts in Macau when the weather gets steamy. Pictured here is the MGM pool.

Macau has some of the most impressive resorts and hotels in the world and staying in a luxury resort with exciting shows, shops and attractions a few steps away from your room is a treat. 

As it’s sunny and warm, summer is the best time to visit Macau to relax around a pool with a cocktail in hand. 

Wandering around impressive resort precincts gazing at the manmade landmarks in Macau, such as the Venetian’s canals or the Eiffel Tower in the Parisian Macao, is another activity you can enjoy in air-conditioned comfort. 

If you’re on a tight budget, summer is a good season to hunt for budget hotels as prices can be quite reasonable.

You might also like to try this self-guided food tour around the Historic Centre to find out where to eat in Macau to find the best local snacks. 

If you’re planning on visiting the Historic Centre of Macao, keep in mind it can become quite hot during the middle of the day.

So, if you’re affected by heat do your sightseeing early in the day and later on in the evening. And be ready to retreat back to your hotel at midday.

Best activities in Macau during the warmer months

macau weather
Visiting with kids? Spend time splashing around at Galaxy’s water park.
  • Even if you’re not staying in one of Macau’s luxury hotels, spend time exploring indoor entertainment hubs, such as Galaxy Macau, Studio City, Wynn Macau and Sands Cotai. 
  • If you’re visiting Macau with kids, you’re in luck as there are many indoor activities your kids will love while you keep cool such as Legend Heroes Park Virtual Reality, Waner Bros Fun Zone, Batman Dark Flight and a host of kids clubs.  
  • Buy a day pass to a Macau waterpark. Galaxy Grand Resort Deck, Aquaworld and Riverscape offer day passes (free if you’re staying at the resorts) 
  • Watch the House of Dancing Water and other live shows
  • Spend time inside the World Heritage attractions and museums once temperatures rise during the middle of the day. 
  • Watch the fireworks at the Macao International Fireworks Display (7 September to 5 October 2019), which is an impressive show of pyrotechnic mastery that lights up the night’s sky.  
  • See the Art Macao exhibitions (ends on 8 October 2019) at the Macao Museum of Art and other venues around the city.  
  • Attend a concert at St Paul’s Ruins or one of the other World Heritage Sites during the Macao International Music Festival (4 October to 3 November 2019). 

What to wear in Macau during the warmer months

  • T-shirts, shorts, light cotton shirts and summer dresses but wear long sleeves if you burn easily.  
  • A hat with a brim, sunglasses and sunscreen.  
  • Swimsuits will come in handy. 
  • Carry an umbrella rather than a raincoat as it’s too humid to wander around wearing one.
  • The average temperature in Macau: 28 C  
  • Average rainfall: 80-100mm 
  • This is also the time when there are frequent showers, thunderstorms and some times there might be typhoons. So, keep an eye on the weather here

What to eat and drink in Macau during the warmer months 

durian ice cream
Make sure to try some durian ice cream when you visit Taipa.
  • Try durian-flavoured ice cream in Taipa (see #6) to cool down.  
  • Eat moon cakes and see the lanterns during the Mid-Autumn Festival (13 September 2019). 
  • Book a spot in at one of the many fantastic buffets in Macau and enjoy a spread in cool comfort.
  • Summer is also a time to eat lightly so here are some vegetarian restaurants to put on your list. 

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Macau’s Cool Season (November to March)

best times to visit macau
The best time to visit Macau for World Heritage sites is during the cooler months and look out for festivals too, when the atmosphere is electric.

Macau’s cooler months is the best time to be outdoors strolling around admiring historic squares, churches, temples and other UNESCO World Heritage Portuguese and Chinese architecture.

The weather in Macau is also more predictable and sudden changes are not as likely, making it a good season to spend time to go hiking or relaxing on Macau’s beaches. 

Don’t expect snow as one of the good things about visiting Macau during the Nothern Hemisphere winter is the weather is mild (temperatures vary between 17°C and 21°C).

Even so, it’s the perfect time to drink red wine and fuel up on delicious sweet Portuguese egg tarts.  

The Portuguese also brought Christmas traditions to Macau and it’s one of the best cities in Asia to soak up the European atmosphere at Christmas time, see Christmas lights and enjoy Portuguese Christmas fare.

This is a fantastic season to catch the excitement and colour of a Macau festival and there are plenty to choose during these months.  

Best activities in Macau during the cooler months

best time to go to macau
The best time to go to Macau for outdoor activities, such as hiking, is also during the cooler months.
  • Explore the Historic Centre of Macao on a self-guided walking tour. These Macau itineraries may help you plan. 
  • As Macau has a European flair it’s easy to pretend you’re in Europe as you wander around the squares and churches.  
  • Winter is a good time to warm up with a hot stone massage or a steam room in one of Macau’s spas.  
  • Book a seat at the Macao Grand Prix (14 to 17 November 2019), which is an exciting time to visit.  
  • Oogle at the stunning costumes during the Macao International Parade, which is a vibrant themed parade through Macao in December.  

What to wear 

macau in october
Well-dressed visitors exploring the Historic Centre of Macao. in October
  • T-shirts, shorts, light cotton shirts and dresses during the day
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes, especially when exploring the Historic Centre of Macao.
  • A light sweater or jacket for evenings is advisable. 

Macau Weather

best time to visit macau in a cow suit
If you tend to feel the cold, a light jacket or sweater should keep you very wam.
  • The average temperature in Macau during the cooler months: 17-24 C
  • Average rainfall: 20-30mm (light with a few rainy days)

What To Eat In Macau

best time to visit macau minchi
Warm up with a plate of minchi, which is a Macanese delight to taste in Macau.
  • The Macao Food Festival (8 to 24 November 2019) is the perfect opportunity to sample the impressive range of food in Macau in once place. Food stalls are run by Macau’s chefs and even some Michelin Star restaurants in Macau.
  • Winter Solstice (22 December 2019) is a huge feasting day in Macau and most of the hotels and restaurants offer special Winter Solstice menus. 
  • Look for traditional Portuguese Christmas cakes in bakeries and cafes. 
  • Macau has many Portuguese restaurants and winter is the perfect time to dine on suckling roast pig, freshly baked Portuguese bread and Bacalhau a Bras. 

best time to visit in macau
What is the best time to visit Macau?

best time in macau
Tips on the best time to visit in Macau.

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