20 Things To Do In St Thomas

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Looking for a great time in the Caribbean? St. Thomas can be just the spot. There’s something for everyone here, ranging from a slew of water activities, to exploring the local culture and culinary scenes. No matter what you end up doing, you’ll be feeling as if you’re having the best time of your life, all the while relaxing and soaking in the beautiful island sun. 

St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Top Tours

US Virgin Islands: Boat Trip around St. Thomas & St John
Going on a boat tour is one of the top things to do in St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

20 Things To Do In St Thomas

1- Discover Hidden Beaches And Snorkeling Spots On A Cruise

Saint Thomas: Private Boat Charter
Going on a beach hopping cruise to places like Brewers Beach is one of the fun things to do from St Thomas Virgin Islands.

There’s no need to feel like a tourist, when there are so many charter options out there to take you to the less travelled paths.

With a chartered boat you choose where to go and that means you can head to beaches that are just off the coast of the island, or not easy to get to by normal means of transportation.

You can enjoy unbelievable coral reefs and explore both the white sandy beaches as well as see what’s underwater.

Many of these charters will also include meals so you can easily spend the day just enjoying your own privacy and fun.

This is going to be one of the best ways to get around not only St. Thomas but the Virgin Islands in general.

You’ll have a lot more access and freedom so you may consider this as a necessity of your trip.

Recommended tours:

2- Kayak The Mangrove Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary and Marine Preserve

A beautiful sanctuary that is located on the southern portion of the island, this place is a must see for anyone who treasures nature.

Of course for the best experience you want to explore the lagoon with a kayak, and there are even some options where you can take a transparent kayak and easily see the water below you.

Take a guided tour if possible so you can get a better understanding of just how important these mangroves are to the preservation of the area and the local wildlife.

Recommended tour: St. Thomas: Night Kayak in the Lagoon

3- Discover The Baths of Virgin Gorda

Discover The Baths of Virgin Gorda Full Day Adventure Ritz Carlton St. Thomas
Visiting the Baths Of Virgin Gorda is one of the things to do with St Thomas.

You’re going to go a bit international here, as you’ll need to head to the British Virgin Islands, which isn’t far at all from St. Thomas.

There are plenty of charters and mini cruises that will take you to the Baths of Virgin Gorda and it is well worth it.

This national park sits on pristine beaches on the southernmost tip of one of the major islands in the region.

It is home to massive boulders that you can go inside and explore.

There are also some rock pools to discover, and it is also an excellent location to enjoy for snorkeling around as well.

Recommended tour: Discover The Baths of Virgin Gorda Full Day Adventure

4- Visit Coral World Ocean Park

Your trip wouldn’t be complete without heading to this Aquarium It’s a great place to educate oneself on sea life, yet they also have numerous activities as well.

You can take a dip with dolphin or sea lions, or if you have children, have them embark on a treasure hunt that’s bound to be one of their best memories of St.

Thomas There’s even an option to try SNUBA which is similar to scuba diving, but without the additional equipment or experience.

A great way for those that are looking to get a bit deeper in the water.

There’s also kayaking available in the surrounding waters where you’ll also be able to get up close to the sea life including dolphins as well.

If you’re seeking for something a bit different, they have also set up a shark nursery so you’re able to enjoy sharks (safely) and get right in front of them.

Coral World Ocean Park is located at 6450 Coki Point, St Thomas, Virgin Islands 00802, USVI. Skip the line and book your tickets here

Recommended: Sea Trek Helmet Dive at Coral World Ocean Park

5- Get An Adrenaline Rush Ziplining At St. Peter Mountain

Nothing really quite says “I’m on vacation” than having the chance to do ziplining.

Yet if you’re going to attempt this exhilarating adrenaline generating activity then do it right.

When you do it at St. Peter Mountain you’ll be able to enjoy not only the act of zipline but also some spectacular views of the surrounding area, such as Magen’s Bay and the waters around you.

It’s a safe experience handled by experts, so all you have to worry about is how many times you want to enjoy going down that zipline!

Recommended experience: Tree Limin’ Extreme Zipline

6- Go Surfing At Hull Bay (and other spots)

Hull Bay Beach Scene St Thomas USVI
Spending time on a Hull Bay Beach is another thing to do in the Virgin Islands from St Thomas.

Calling all surfers, both professional and amateurs! If you’re going to go surfing then Hull Bay is the place to go.

Make sure to go during the season which starts in November and ends in February but can sometimes extend out to March.

You’ll also want to consider coming in the morning as it wont be as packed.

If you come in the morning you’ll also have a better chance of being able to rent a board in case you didn’t bring your own.

If you want even more privacy then there’s also Botany Bay which can be a decent option if Hull Bay is too packed.

Another great tip about going surfing is that you will be going on the off season which means less tourists in general.

Recommmended: Beginner 2hr Surf Lesson in St. Thomas

7- Explore Charlotte Amalie On Foot

81C Town Tour Walking tour of historic Charlotte Amalie + private art show
Exploring Charlotte Amalie on foot is one of the top things to do in St Thomas.

IF you want a break from all the beach and water activities then explore the capital of the US Virgin Islands.

With its unique Danish architecture still present, walk through history.

You can see the 99 steps, located in downtown Charlotte Amalie, which were made from old Danish ships, or even visit St.

Thomas Historical Trust Museum to get a deeper understanding of the Island and surrounding area of the Caribbean.

St. Thomas Historical Trust Museum is at 5332 Raadets Gade, Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas 00804, USVI.

Recommmended tour: Walking tour of historic Charlotte Amalie + private art show

8- Enjoy The Skyride To Paradise Point

Those that are seeking picturesque moments must take this experience.

The tram will give you a perfect view of the St. Thomas harbor and you can even capture the quintessential sunset from here.

When you arrive at Paradise Point indulge yourself with food at the local bistro and get yourself a keepsake from one of their gift shops.

You can end the day with breathtaking views and a cocktail of your choice, feeling as if you’re on top of the world.

Make sure to always check ahead of time to ensure that the Skyride is operational on the dates you are planning on visiting St. Thomas.

It can change, and you may not have the chance to enjoy those fantastic sky-high views.

Recommended tour: St. Thomas Island: Shopping, Sightseeing, and Beach Tour

9- Admire The View From Mountain Top On A Jeep Adventure

St. Thomas Island Tour with Mountain Top and Magens Bay Beach
Spending the day in Magens Bay is one of the relaxing things to do in St. Thomas.

Another excellent option for those who want to get their heart rates up.

Get yourself in the backseat of a 4 wheel drive jeep and offroad it to the top of St. Thomas all the way to Mountain Top for views that are well worth it.

It’s a great option for anyone from solo travelers to families.

Enjoy the adventurous ride winding up and down the mountain and keep in mind that many of these options come with other items included such as getting you to some fantastic beaches, or getting a more localized experience tailored to whatever you’re looking for.

Recommended tours:

10- Taste Caribbean Food

Charlotte Amalie: Flavors of St Thomas Food Tour
Enjoying a Caribbean-style meal is one of the things to in St Thomas. Pictured here is a plate of food with gallo pinto, meat patties and fried plantain.

It would be a shame to head to this region and not try out the local food offering.

Caribbean food is easy on the palettes and can satisfy many taste buds.

You’re going to get a mix of spicy and sweet as well as sour and tangy with the food.

It will definitely be quite tasty.

They can also be hearty as well as packed with flavor so don’t be surprised if you feel you’ll easy get your fill.

Be sure to try Concha Fritters which is ground up and fried sea snails, or Fungi (not mushrooms) which is a cornmeal based meal.

You can also expect a lot of seafood simply based on where you’re going to, so it makes it a great compliment to the richness of Caribbean food delicacies.

Recommended tours:

11- Go On A Parasailing Adventure

Parasail Experience in St Thomas
Going parasailing is one of the adventurous things to do with St Thomas.

The adrenaline and picturesque moments continue!

There are multiple parasailing options that can have you parasailing over the pristine waters, where you can finish with a dip in the water, or you can go up higher and see the whole island (as well as surrounding islands), from the sky.

This is an extremely safe activity and you’ll always go through a safety check and instruction to know how to handle the parasails properly at all times.

Book your parasailing adventure here now

12- Enjoy A Sunset Cruise

Sail Into the Sunset with Virgin Islands Day Sail 6 Guest max
A cruise ship in the US Virgin Islands.

There’s no shortage of sunset cruise options in St. Thomas.

The best part is that these sunset cruises typically happen on luxurious boats and catamarans.

You will be able to enjoy a refreshing and exhilarating ride out to the open waters, with many sunset cruises offering drinks such as cocktails and champagne, to help you relax and capture sunsets that seem unreal when you first see them.

There are options ranging from sharing the cruise with others, to being able to make it a complete private experience to share with your loved ones.

No matter if you’re staying a day or a week, make sure that this is booked in advance as this is quite a popular option, and you don’t want to have the idea, and find out it’s not possible due to overbooking.

It’s hard to say no to being free on those waters and sipping a drink while breathing in that fresh sea air.

Recommended tour: Sail Into the Sunset with Virgin Islands Day Sail – 6 Guest max

13- Learn To Scuba Dive

Discover Scuba Diving in St Thomas
Going scuba diving is one of the best things to do from St Thomas.

Just as there are plenty of boats for hire, there are plenty of certified SCUBA instruction schools in St. Thomas.

St. Thomas is considered the best location in the Caribbean for diving and if you ever thought about it, now is the time to change that idea into a reality.

You can head to vacation with dreams of scuba diving and come back fully certified to go scuba diving anywhere else next.

You can even start some of the certifications online and finish with the actual scuba diving requirements the next time you head to St. Thomas.

And before you ask, no you don’t need to bring your own equipment for scuba diving as you’ll be able to rent all the equipment necessary to learn properly how to scuba dive and to get certified.

Recommended: Discover Scuba Diving in St Thomas

14- Step Back In History At Fort Christian

A true beacon of St. Thomas that has been watching over the Island for several centuries.

It was constructed in the late 1600, this is the oldest standing structure in St. Thomas.

It has served as a defensive structure, administrative and religious building and also as a police station and prison.

For most of its history it was a key area for the community, especially when the island was under Danish rule.

It currently is home to the Fort Christian museum that is full of the history of the fort as well as its purpose on the island.

A true must see destination for those that are history and cultural buffs.

Fort Christian is located at Forts Straede, Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas 00802, USVI.

15- Visit One Of The Oldest Synagogues In The Western Hemisphere

While St. Thomas may spark thoughts of Christianity, it is also home to one of the oldest synagogues in the Americas region.

It was originally built in 1833 (after the original one was damaged too much by a fire) and still has the original sand floor as well.

It can feel as if you’re walking onto a beach floor that’s also a house of worship.

It was built for Sephardic Jews that came to the region to support financing in the region.

It is still active today with the local community and is a short distance from many other attractions in downtown Charlotte Amalie.

The Synagogue is at 2116 Krystal St, Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas 00802, USVI.

16- Discover The Art Of Camille Pissarro

Art & Wine Events in St Thomas
Walking in the footsteps of Camille Pissarro is one of the things to do in St Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands.

If you’re a fan of art, especially the impressionist period, then you must explore where possible, Camille Pissarro.

He is known as the Father of Impressionism and was born on the Island in 1830.

There are plenty of areas to find reproductions of his work.

At one point there was a Camille Pissarro gallery available for tourists and locals alike to enjoy, but has since been closed.

You can still try to visit his birthplace which is in Charlotte Amalie.

Either way, you’ll see how the island of St. Thomas was his major inspiration for his work.

Recommended tour: Art & Wine Events in St Thomas

17 Go On A Caribbean Cocktail Crawl

Glass Of Tasty Frozen Pina Colada Traditional Caribbean Cocktail
Going on a Caribbean cocktail bar crawl is one of the things to do in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.

You’re on holiday and you should be able to relax with a fantastic melting drink in your hand.

The best way to experience that is to go on a cocktail crawl. How about a banana daiquiri or rum punch?

Instead of a pub crawl, you’ll be able to up the class on your drinking adventure and enjoy some of the best drinks the Caribbean has to offer.

Be prepared to taste the local flavors of St. Thomas, while trying to remember just how strong these drinks can be as well.

You’re in the Caribbean so expect a lot of rum tasting, and great quality rum as well.

18- Enjoy The Spectacular Nightlife In St. Thomas

One thing St. Thomas is known for and the US Virgin Islands, is that when the sun sets, the parties start.

It’s the perfect weather as the temperature will have significantly cooled down.

You can enjoy one of the luxurious night clubs that are littered throughout the island if you’re looking for a premium VIP experience.

Or you can simply head to the local bars and lounges that will have mixologists craft you your new favorite drink that’s both delicious and has a kick to it.

You can even head out to some beach areas for special events, just don’t expect any bonfires though!

19- Explore Hassel Island

If you’re looking to enjoy the outdoors of St.

Thomas and go on a great hike, then consider hiking around Hassel Island.

It’s part of the St. Thomas national park and used to be connected by land, which is no longer possible.

It’s home to numerous ruins that one can take the day to explore during their hike.

Make sure to explore the Creque Marine Railway that was used to haul out ships for cleaning, maintenance and repairs.

You are able to fully explore this island, but do keep in mind that you may be asked to make a donation to support the area, as it is part of the national park area.

It is well worth it to explore a part of St. Thomas that isn’t as common as other options.

You also don’t need to go there via hiking at all, as it is possible to get there by kayaking and exploring its coastline.

Keep in mind you still most likely will need to pay if you decide to disembark off the kayaks, and onto the island itself.

20- Have Fun With The Family 

Discover the secrets of shipwrecks at the Pirate Treasure Museum, go for a walk in the Botanical Garden or learn something new at the Virgin Islands Children’s Museum.

St. Thomas is full of activities for anyone looking for some rest and relaxation.

Do keep in mind that there’s a busy season and an off season, so take that into consideration, especially when you want to book popular activities.

It may be a good idea to go on the off season for certain things such as scuba lessons or surfing, but the weather may not be as warm, or the waters may not be as calm either.

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