13 Free Places to visit in Vancouver

13 Free Places to visit in Vancouver


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places to visit in Vancouver
Chinatown is a good place to visit in Vancouver if you're on a budget. Photo: Canadian Tourism Commission

Vancouver has plenty of cultural and recreational attractions to lure visitors from around the world. But what about travellers on a budget? Here are 13 places to visit in Vancouver for free that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

From admiring stunning snowcapped mountains and hiking in nature to wandering around the city and soaking up the culture, Vancouver’s free attractions will keep you busy. 

places to visit in vancouver
There are lots of places to visit in Vancouver that won’t cost you a cent!

10 Places to visit in Vancouver

1- Stanley Park

places to visit in vancouver
Stanley Park is one of the top places to visit in Vancouver. Photo: Destination Canada

Of all the obvious places to visit in Vancouver, Stanley Park is one of the best spots that won’t cost you anything.

The 400ha city park provides views of the bay and Lions Gate Bridge, swimming beaches, wooded trails, and, my favourite, a gorgeous collection of totem poles.

Visitors can read the accompanying plaques that explain the meaning of each pole and tell you a little about the artist.

There’s even one completed in 1955 by Ellen Keel and her uncle, Mungo Martin. Keel was the first female Northwest Coast carver.

By the time you read all the plaques, you’ll be able to tell a raven from a thunderbird.

2- Vancouver’s Cathedrals 

Looking for tranquil places to visit in Vancouver?

Downtown Vancouver has some gorgeous cathedrals. Holy Rosary Catholic Church, a Gothic cathedral, opened in 1900.

Of the cathedral’s 21 significant stained glass windows, five were created by Guido Nincheri, Canada’s most prolific religious artist of the 20th century.

Just a few blocks away, check out Christ Church Cathedral.

This Anglican cathedral, also built in a Gothic style, was dedicated in 1895.

It features cedar planking and a floor made from old growth Douglas fir.

3- Boundary Bay

Cars have highways. Birds have flyways.

The Pacific Flyway passes right over Vancouver, so visitors can see black oystercatchers, great blue herons, western grebes and many other species.

Stanley Park is one of the best places to visit in Vancouver for bird watching.

Or, if you have a car, drive 30km south to Boundary Bay, a notable flyway rest stop.  

4- Ammolite Museum

Scattered around downtown are jewellery stores with large selections of ammolite.

This rare gemstone comes from the ancient inland seas of Alberta and is considered a Canadian national treasure.

This means it can’t be taken out of the country without government approval.

Ammolite shines like a rainbow opal and comes from fossils that look like giant snails.

I wandered into Ammolite Museum in Gastown.

It’s really a jewellery store but has fossil displays and a knowledgeable clerk who explained how time and geologic pressure formed the different colours in the stone.

vancouver attractions
Gastown is one of the best places to visit in Vancouver for atmosphere. Here’s the Hotel Europe Intersection in Gastown. Photo: Tourism Vancouver/ Clayton Perry

5- Vancouver’s galleries

places to visit in vancouver
Aboriginal Art Gallery a place to visit in Vancouver if you love culture.

First Nations people of the Pacific Northwest have a distinctive style of art.

Much of it honours important local animals, such as killer whales, bears, wolves, frogs and ravens.

You’ll see many galleries around Vancouver that display the masks, paintings and sculptures of First Nations artists.

My favourite is the Aboriginal Fair Trade Gallery.

Created as a social enterprise by the Vancouver Native Housing Society, it provides a place for Aboriginal artists to show their work and helps fund affordable housing for these artists.

places to visit in vancouver
It’s worth checking out the free places to visit in Vancouver for Aboriginal art. Photo: Tourism Vancouver

6- Vancouver Biennale Open Air Museum

places to visit in vancouver
The Vancouver Biennale will take you to a number of top places to visit in Vancouver where you can see sculptures like the Bird Wrap. Photo: Ivan Eyre

This international public art sculpture event brings art from around the world to Vancouver for a two-year stint.

Take a self-guided tour through Vancouver, Squamish, Richmond, New Westminster and North Vancouver.

You can plan your tour by consulting the website. Or you might come upon the pieces by accident.

If you arrive in Vancouver on the train, Canadian artist Ivan Eyre’s “Bird Wrap” will be waiting to greet you.  

China, France, Brazil, Poland and many other countries are represented in the 2014 – 2016 set.

7- Grouse Mountain

places to visit in Vancouver
Grouse Mountain is one of the top places to visit in Vancouver. Photo: Destination Canada.

No, it’s not a new dance. The Grouse Grind is a short, narrow hike up a steep mountain 12km north of Vancouver.

You’ll climb 2,830 steps in 2.9km, for an elevation gain of 853m. The reward? A serious cardio workout and an excellent view.

The average time is 90 minutes. The record, 23 minutes and 48 seconds. Hiking up is free. However, you’ll need $10 to get back down on the gondola.

8- The Lions

Another challenging workout is to hike The Lions where you’ll be rewarded by a fantastic view.

9- Capilano River Regional Park

Also on the North Shore in Vancouver is the scenic Capilano River Regional Park. 

The park has amazing views of the snowcapped peaks of The Lions and free walking paths in the forest.  

10- Little India

Or at least Vancouver’s version. Vancouver is a culturally diverse city with many Indian residents.

While Indians have lived and worked in Vancouver for more than a century, in the 1970s they reached critical mass and the Punjabi Market was born.

This neighbourhood occupies six blocks of Main Street in South Vancouver.

Marvel at gold bangles and silks, smell the curry and pretend you’re 10,880 km away.

11- Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

places to visit in Vancouver
places to visit in Vancouver: Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. Photo: Canadian Tourism Commission

Walking across Capilano Suspension Bridge is one of the cool things to do in Vancouver.

It’s a wonder to walk across the footbridges high above the forest floor and there’s also the new Cliffwalk along the Capilano River.

But Capilano Suspension Bridge isn’t free.

So if you’re looking for similar places to visit in Vancouver while on a budget head to Lynn Canyon’s bridge, which is free, 40m  long, 50m above Lynn Creek and plenty jiggly to thrill daredevils.

Built in 1912, it’s barely wide enough for two people to pass each other.

The bridge is located in a public park and is open year-round. If you visit during the summer, rangers will be around to answer your questions.

12- Vancouver Festivals

places to visit in vancouver
Winterruption Festival Rainforest Procession on Granville Island. Many places to visit in Vancouver are free when there’s a festival. Photo: Tourism Vancouver / Coast Mountain Photography

Vancouver hosts many festivals every year. And while some are pricey, others are free.

Will you dance to reggae music during Caribbean Days Festival or shake it to bhangra at Indian New Year?

That all depends on when you visit.

13- Vancouver Walking Tour

places to visit in vancouver
Chinatown is one of the places to visit in Vancouver, either on your own or a free walking tour. Photo: Canadian Tourism Commission

The Tour Guys have been giving free walking tours of Vancouver for five years now.

Tour options include Chinatown, downtown and the waterfront, Granville Street, Gastown and other places to visit in Vancouver.

Daily in the summer, less frequently in the off-season.

The only drawback?

The tour is free but your guide is really, really hoping for a tip. 

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13 Free Places to visit in Vancouver
13 Free Places to visit in Vancouver


  1. It is nice to see that you can still do things for free around parts of the world. Even though I have no issue with spending money for local economies, I like to check out the free things they offer visitors as well!


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