5 places to visit in Tasmania where you can’t post to Instagram

5 places to visit in Tasmania where you can’t post to Instagram

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places to visit in tasmania
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Tasmanian Walking Company

Tasmania is a compact Aussie state and home to a menagerie of exotic animals. Some live in really remote locations that require a lot of hiking, camping and just plain waiting around to possibly see them, and if you’re lucky you might spot one….like the Tasmanian tiger. Although extinct, many still believe they could still be found the wild. For those indescribable moments where a picture is worth a thousand words, you pull out your mobile for the perfect Instagram shot. But there are some places to visit in Tasmania where even Telstra can’t roam to.

For our readers who aren’t Australian, Telstra is the country’s leading telecom. Here are our five top spots where you can’t post to Instagram even if you wanted to, and if you do succeed, Instagram it and let us know.

places to visit in tasmania
Cradle Mountain – Lake St. Clair National Park. Photo: Great Walks of Australia

Places to visit in Tasmania – Sisters Beach

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Photo: Andrew McIntosh, Ocean Photography

What’s cool about it: a small community inside a national park

Folks who vacation at Rocky Cape National Park know there’s something remote about this place when they hear about the olden days when the only connection to civilization was horseback riding on an old horse trail known as the Postman’s Track.

places to visit in tasmania
Rocky Cape National Park. Photo: Joe Shemesh

Nowadays with only roughly 380 people living in Sisters Beach you won’t find any new homes (residential development is restricted) and chances are pretty good you won’t find any cellphone reception either.     

To boot, the park is also home to a collection of ancient caves that once were used by the Tasmanian Aboriginals. Warning: Instagraming in the caves is not permitted.

Places to visit in Tasmania – Corinna

What’s cool about it: It’s tagline: “At home in the wilderness.”

places to visit in tasmania
Photo: Joe Shemesh

This historic gold mining town lies amid pristine rainforest on a riverbank that feels as if you’ve reached the edge of the world. Corinna is part of the Tarkine, which is the largest temperate unbroken tract of old-growth rainforest in Australia.

tasmania australia
Photo: Rob Burnett

Nowadays the old settlement has morphed into a budding ecotourism spot with simple wooden cottages. Guests like to hang around the Arthur Pieman Protected Area and the Pieman River State Reserve to kayak, hike, and river cruise.

tasmania australia
Photo: Rob Burnett

You can try to see if you can grab a selfie (chances are slim to negative) as you pan for gold along the Pieman river’s edge.  

Places to visit in Tasmania – Derwent Bridge

places to visit in tasmania
Photo: John Wendt

What’s cool about it: The Derwent River is formed in Derwent River by the confluence of the Narcissus and Cuvier rivers within Lake St Clair. 

While in Derwent Bridge don’t miss the Wall in the Wilderness, where talented sculptor Greg Duncan is carving the history of the region in breathtaking scale – scenes of the Central Highlands on three-metre tall wooden panels. When the work is completed, it’ll be 100m long. 

Down the road (5km away from Derwent Bridge), Lake St Clair is Australia’s deepest freshwater lake.

If you’re desperate to post live to Instagram check into the stunningly renovated Pumphouse Point (which offers free wifi for guests). 

places to visit in tasmania
Pumphouse Point. Photo: Adam Gibson
places to visit in tasmania
The Wall in the Wilderness. Photo: Brian Dullaghan

Tasmanian tigers used to roam in these parts. Sometimes you hear of an ‘unconfirmed’ sighting reported by the vividly imaginative, or mildly intoxicated. Be sure if you see the tiger, to snap an Instagram pic, otherwise no one will believe you.

Places to visit in Tasmania – Strathgordon Dam

What’s cool about it: Tasmania’s tallest dam was recently part of a Guinness World Record basketball shot.

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Photo: Graham Freeman

Located in south west Tasmania, The Gordon Dam, a seventies creation, has a mind-bending double curvature arch which acts as a spillway across the Gordon River and the reservoir.

Higher than the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the wall holds back 30 times more water than the Sydney Harbour. What does all this mean? Little to zero chances on Instagramming.

Although recently, the Australian troupe ‘How Ridiculous’ known for their YouTube videos featuring trick basketball shots, broke their own world record for the highest-altitude basketball shot. The troupe successfully swished the basketball hoop from atop the dam.

Places to visit in Tasmania – Tarraleah

places to visit in tasmania
Photo: The Lodge at Tarraleah

What’s cool about it: It’s a walk on the wild side in a village-scale hotel.

Once the home of the great hydroelectric builders of the 20’s and 30’s, Tarraleah was a bustling town, then a ghost town, and now it’s been resurrected as an art deco-inspired kitschy hotel complex.

Tarraleah has spectacular look out points and vast outdoor activity opportunities. There’s hiking, fishing, kayaking, mountain biking, exciting Tasmanian wildlife viewing, but good luck on the Instagramming.

places to visit in tasmania
Photo:  www.tasmaniawildernessfishing.com.au

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