5 things that are rare and cool in Tasmania

5 things that are rare and cool in Tasmania

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Tasmanian devil
Photo: Courtesy of Tasmanian Devil Unzoo

Australia’s smallest state astounds with big zingers that will cause some double-takes. It’s not surprising. Tasmania has one of the world’s last accessible wilderness frontiers. One of the best things is it’s not difficult to get to this edge of the world.

Whether it’s the rugged mountainous peaks of Mount Ossa or the fossil-laden cliffs on the northern shores or the glaciated lake-studded Central Plateau in the island’s centre, Tasmania certainly deserves lots of oohs and ahs.

It’s easy to fall in love with this heart-shaped island with its archipelago of islets. There are also some of the rare finds you won’t find anywhere else on the planet.

Here’s a look at some rare Tassie gems to put on your list when you visit this magical “Island of Inspiration.”

1-Satellite Island

Tasmanian devil
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Mark Chew

Why it’s rare: UK Vanity Fair has described this privately owned island as one of “the world’s loveliest private island getaways.”  Touted as an unspoiled paradise, Satellite Island is laden with native scrubs and ancient blue gums is a haven for rare white-breasted sea eagles that like to perch on the cliffs by the sunny coves.

Tasmanian devil
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Mark Chew

What’s cool about it: Its name was given by an 18th-century French explorer who discovered the island. He used to love stargazing from this heaven on earth spot. The privately owned island can now be hired for exclusive use.

2-Seeking out the Aurora Australis

Tasmania attractions
Photo: Tourism Australia & Paul Fleming
Tasmania attractions
Photo: Tourism Australia & Graham Freeman

Why it’s rare: Forget about the Northern Lights (the Aurora Borealis) in the Far North. Blanketing the night sky in this southern hemisphere is the Aurora Australis. Google Maps shows Tasmania as the Mecca to view the natural phenomena and we agree.

What’s cool about it: Tasmania has become the go-to place for Aurora Australis viewing. Check out the Aurora Alert page from the Bureau of Meteorology IPS (Ionospheric Prediction Service) and register for email alerts.

3-The Tessellated Pavement

Tasmania attractions
Photo:Tourism Tasmania & Lee Henley

Why it’s rare: On the shores of Pirates Bay by the Tessellated Pavement State Reserve near Eaglehawk there’s a stunning geological formation where the patterns of rock have been worn smooth into gentle slopes by sea erosion over millions of years. It’s a favourite destination among curious tourists, geologists and nature photographers.

Tasmania attractions
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Andrew McIntosh, Ocean Photography

What’s cool about it: See weird blocks that resemble the tiles of a mosaic floor. It looks lunarish, like a leftover patch from the moon. Some sections of the pavement look like gigantic loaves of neatly rising bread, called a loaf formation, while the other sections closer to the sea known as pan formations resemble a concave stone walkway that could have been laid out by an intoxicated mason.

4-The Tasmanian Devil

Tasmania attractions
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett

Why it’s rare: This little devil usually associated with the Looney Tunes cartoon villain character is found on the island of Tasmania. It’s an awkward animal on the ground but is an accomplished tree climber.  Sadly, Tasmanian devils are now endangered due to a cancer called devil facial tumour disease which causes tumours to form on the devil’s face.

What’s cool about it: The Tasmanian devil is a marsupial with rat-like features, sharp teeth and coarse black or brown fur. These small marsupials have sharp teeth and one of the most powerful bites in the animal world. Don’t be fooled, these creatures pack quite a punch.

5-Pumphouse Point Hotel

Tasmanian devil
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Stu Gibson
Tasmanian devil
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Josh Bradshaw

Why it’s rare: This old decommissioned hydroelectric power station pump house that sits right at the end of a long pier on glassy Lake St. Clair has been resurrected and transformed into a stunning hotel.

What’s cool about it: It’s one of the most instagrammable hotels out there right now and is Tasmania’s newest wilderness retreat. So go out on a limb and explore some of the fabulous nature activities.

Discover Tasmania

For more ideas on what to do in Tasmania see Discover Tasmania.

Things that are rare and cool in Tasmania

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