Where To Stay In Cairo

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Most visitors who explore Egypt are likely to spend some time in Cairo, exploring its rich history that dates back over a thousand years. From the Pyramids of Giza to the famous bazaars, there’s a lot to discover while exploring Cairo. Besides being the capital, this city along the Nile River is also one of Africa’s biggest cities and choosing where to stay in Cairo can make a difference to the time you have available to explore.

Cairo combines the new and old, with lots of attractions to visit such as the Egyptian Museum and the Pyramids of Giza. The city has a vibrant culture, with a range of intriguing mosques and bazaars to explore. The traffic in Cairo can be awful and bottlenecks can eat into your time, so choosing a neighbourhood that minimises your travel time can make or break your stay. Here are the best neighbourhoods and some hotels that you may like to check out.

Where To Stay In Cairo

Garden City

Kempinski Nile Hotel
When planning where to stay in Cairo, take into consideration the traffic can be thick.

Garden City is one of the more recent developments in Cairo.

It’s a neighbourhood with a secure and upscale atmosphere and one of the wealthier areas in the city.

Both the British and American embassies are in Garden City.

Since its initial establishment, Garden City has become both an administrative and residential district in Cairo.

It was planned and constructed by private investors, making it quite a unique neighbourhood compared to other neighborhoods in the city.

The area is known for trees lined next to the roads, skyscraper buildings, and a number of ornamental palaces.


  • This is an upscale neighborhood that is perfect if you are looking to experience the wealthier side of Cairo.
  • There are numerous gardens that make Garden City ideal if you like some space around you.
  • The neighborhood is safe and secure.


  • Garden City is in a quiet location in Cairo, which may not be the right place for people who prefer to experience some of the livelier areas of the city.
  • Due to the upscale atmosphere of Garden City, it might not be the best choice for people who are working with a small budget.

Hotels In Garden City

Luxury – Kempinski Nile Hotel

When luxury is a priority, then the Kempinski Nile Hotel in Garden City is a classic choice.

The hotel has a selection of suites and rooms that focuses on comfort and space, with fine dining experiences, as well as a luxury spa.

Luxury – InterContinental Cairo Semiramis

InterContinental Cairo Semiramis Hotel is another luxury option in Garden City with a view of the Nile River.

It’s a short drive from the Cairo International Airport and within walking distance of the Egyptian Museum.

The hotel offers access to an indoor gym and a large rooftop pool.

Luxury – Chez Haytham at Four Seasons Nile Plaza

If you prefer a more home-like atmosphere, then the Chez Haytham at Four Seasons Nile Plaza residential suites is a great choice.

It offers a luxurious experience and is perfect for families, with everything you’d expect of a luxury hotel such as room service, late check-out and free WiFi.

Mid-range – Garden City Season Hotel

Garden City Season Hotel is near Tahrir Square and has air-conditioned rooms with WiFi and a 24-hour desk.

Budget – Garden City Plaza Hotel

A tidy budget hotel within walking distance of Tahrir Square and a slightly longer walk to the Egyptian Museum, Garden City Plaza Hotel is in a good location to explore Cairo’s main sights.

New Cairo

JW Marriott Hotel Cairo
Where is the best place to stay in Cairo? You’ll find a good choice of hotels, from budget to five star.

The result of three areas merging, New Cairo was established in 2000 and quickly expanded into a vast area covering 85,000 acres.

New Cairo is part of Greater Cairo and is home to 1.5 million people.

This area is home to the Cairo Festival City, which is an entertainment precinct with walkways, gardens, pools and events happening regularly.


  • There are a lot of activities at Cairo Festival City.
  • The Petrosport Stadium makes it a great choice of you like sports.
  • You can find a large selection of malls and shopping centres throughout New Cairo.


  • This is an industrial area with factories throughout the neighborhood.
  • It’s not ideal for those looking for a peaceful and quiet area.

Hotels In New Cairo

Luxury – JW Marriott Hotel Cairo

JW Mariott Hotel Cairo offers a tropical atmosphere, with a fantastic palm-fringed pool that will transport you to a tropical island paradise.

There’s selection of rooms and suites, some with balcanies.

Dining options include a sushi bar and steakhouse and guests can hang out in the sports bar, cocktail bar or cigar lounge.

Mid-range – Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel

A great hotel if you’d prefer to be close to Cairo International Airport.

The Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel has 332 rooms.

The hotel is modern and has an assortment of dining experiences, including Asian, International and a few bars and lounges.

There is a Navigator service that helps guests discover Cairo and if you’re missing your dog, you might be lucky enough to meet someone else’s furry friend in this pet-friendly hotel

Mid-range – Tolip Family Park Hotel

A modern hotel that focuses on providing families with a great experience, Tolip Family Park Hotel is an affordable option in the area.

There are standard rooms, suites, cabana suites and even a presidential suite.

Guests have access to a health center, a swimming pool and a spa.

Budget – look for an apartment to save money. Here’s an example of a studio apartment to rent.


Cairo Marriott Hotel
When deciding where to stay in Cairo, there are several neighbourhoods and hotels to consider.

Zamalek is in Cairo’s Western region and is a manmade island with a population of over 14,000.

Four bridges connect to the island, whcih is a neighborhood that’s a mixture of residential and administrative elements.

Zamalek is home to 52 embassies and is an influential district.

In terms of what you can do, there are museums, bookstores, art galleries, parks and even sports grounds throughout Zamalek.


  • There are a lot of different sites to explore, including museums that showcase some of Egypt’s history.
  • Sporting clubs make Zamalek great for people who enjoy watching sports.
  • The island is surrounded by water, which means many hotels will have you waking up to a lovely water view.


  • Some of the buildings in the area are poorly maintained.
  • Long drives when you want to head to some of the other neighborhoods throughout Cairo.

Hotels In Zamalek

Luxury – Cairo Marriott Hotel

The Cairo Marriott Hotel is a five star facility that is also a good choice for those who want easy access to a casino.

The hotel delivers the royal treatment, with top-quality food, as well as the M Club, which is exclusive to the hotel.

Mid-range – Jewel Zamalek Hotel

An affordable choice for when you’d rather spend your budget on sightseeing or shopping, Jewel Zamalek Hotel offers free WiFi, provides room service and gives you access to a beautiful garden.

It is a short drive away from the Egyptian Museum and is close to the Cairo Tower.

The hotel has a restaurant and offers private parking if you’re planning on driving.

Budget – Apartments such as The Greenhouse

Zamalek has a range of apartments, so if you’re on a budget you may want to try one.

Downtown Cairo

The Nile Ritz Carlton
One of the most popular places to stay in Cairo for tourists is along the banks of the River Nile.

Downtown Cairo is the commercial center of the city and is also known as Khedival Cairo, an area with large, multi-story buildings and architecture developed by the French.

Downtown Cairo is home to landmarks such as Groppi, Talaat Harb Street, Tahrir Square and the Yacobian Building.

Cafe Rich, which opened in 1908, is iconic and a must-visit when in the area.


  • You get to explore different landmarks, making Downtown Cairo great for those who like to explore and discover.
  • There are many restaurants and cafes that offer a diverse selection of flavors.
  • It’s relatively easy to get a room at a hotel as there are a lot of accommodation options available.


  • The area can get very busy and noisy

Hotels In Downtown Cairo

Luxury – The Nile Ritz-Carlton

Luxury and class hit you as soon as you enter the Nile Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

The hotel is between Tahrir Square and the Nile River, next to the famous Egyptian Museum. So if you’re planning on spending time at the museum, this is one of the best luxury picks.

Rooms come with lavish bathtubs and five-star amenities including slippers and bathrobes.

The hotel’s casino is a popular spot at night and there are nine restaurants to choose from, including a signature Arabian restaurant.

Mid-range – Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir Cairo

Steigenberger Hotel in Downtown Cairo offers rooms with a range of views, junior suites, and rooms that overlook the Nile River.

For something more luxurious and spacious, book one of the Capital Suites.

This is a popular hotel at El Tahrir Square.

Budget – Miramar Evergreen Hotel

A budget-friendly hotel in Downtown Cairo, Miramar Evergreen Hotel has clean and tidy rooms with a common lounge and restaurant.

You also get access to car parking, free WiFi and the front desk is manned 24 hours a day.

There is a business centre, which also makes the hotel suitable for a business trip.


Hilton Cairo Heliopolis Hotel
Wondering where to stay in Cairo for the first time? Check out one of the newer neighbourhoods.

If you’ve ever heard of the sun god Re, then Heliopolis is something that might have come up in the conversation.

Heliopolis is an ancient area in Egypt known as the Sun City and a place where legends abound.

Cairo’s Heliopolis suburb is not far from the ancient city of Heliopolis; the ancient city’s remnants can be found in what is now the Al-Matariyyah district of Cairo.

The ruins in the ancient city of Heliopolis have been built over throughout the centuries and, today, you can see the Al-Masalla obelisk.

Cairo’s Heliopolis neighbourhood blends history with modern urban living and was established in 1905 by the Heliopolis Oasis Company.

The neighbourhood was designed as a “garden city” outside the dense and crowded Cairo, with wide boulevards, green spaces and European-inspired architecture blended with traditional Arabesque and Islamic styles.


  • Heliopolis has a rich history dating to ancient and prehistoric times.
  • It is an excellent choice for those who enjoy legends and learning more about the origins of famous myths.
  • An obelisk believed to be among the oldest is found here in Heliopolis.


  • Many of the historic sites in Heliopolis are no longer in good condition.
  • Some areas have a limited selection of malls and shopping centres.

Hotels In Heliopolis

Luxury – Hilton Cairo Heliopolis Hotel

The Hilton Cairo Heliopolis Hotel has several room options available iin different styles.

The hotel is close to the Cairo International Airport and has a couple of shopping facilities nearby.

There’s an on-site restaurant, room service, a fitness centre and free WiFi.

There are EV charging facilities and a business centre available upon request too.

Digital keys and online check-in features also make your stay more convenient.

Mid-range – Tolip El Galaa Hotel

Comfort is one of the key factors that the Tolip El Galaa Hotel focuses on.

The hotel is part of the Tolip group and offers quite a diverse selection of amenities and features.

The massive swimming pool makes this a great summer getaway option, especially when you decide to bring the kids.

The Tolip El Galaa Hotel offers standard rooms, deluxe rooms, executive suites and grand suites, ensuring there is something for a range of budgets.

Several restaurants, bars, and other facilities are available to ensure you can dine with the family.

The hotel also has a fitness centre, a sauna, steam baths and even jacuzzis.

Budget – Oasis Hotel

Those needing a room that fits a smaller budget should look closer at the Oasis Hotel in Heliopolis.

The hotel offers WiFi, in-room breakfasts and a reception that is available 24/7.

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