20 Things To Do In Torremolinos

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A child of the sixties, Torremolinos grew from a quiet little fishing village into a thriving resort city almost overnight, from British and Scottish holidaymakers desperate to soak up the sun in Costa del Sol. Straight off the plane, and seven kilometres away from the airport, was exactly what the doctor ordered, a laid-back atmosphere, healthy seafood and sandy beaches from one end of the city to the other.

Over the years, the sun and surf weren’t enough to keep them entertained, they yearned for a vibrant nightlife with parties and more things to do. Necessity is the mother of all invention, and before long, fine dining restaurants popped up all along Playa la Carihueula, and in the centre, boutique shops covered every corner of Calle San Miguel while musicians strummed away, playing flamenco music in Plaza Costa del Sol. With this rapid expansion, the residents of Torremolinos acted quickly to preserve the heritage of the old village, by rehabilitating the Molino de Inca with lavish gardens and polishing up the tiles of the Casa de los Navajas for the public.

High above the city, they created the Parque de la Bateria, offering thousands of hectares of green natural space for relaxation and exercise, while still paying tribute to the turbulent times of the past, with vintage artillery cannons still pointed at the sea. Vibrant and bursting with activity is what they wanted, and now it is so. Let’s take a closer look at some of those exciting things to do in Torremolinos:

Torremolinos, Spain

20 Things To Do In Torremolinos

1- Go Sunbathing In One Of The Great Local Beaches

things to do torremolinos Bajondillo Beach
Chilling out on a beach is one of the best things to do in Torremolinos. Pictured here is Bajondillo Beach. Photo: Grant Doremus.

It’s no secret that the main attraction in Costa del Sol is the long sandy beaches, stretching over 150 km from Malaga to Cadiz.

With the airport just 20 minutes away, most visitors head straight to the great local beaches of the nearby Torremolinos to soak up the sun.

Just below the famous shopping street, Calle San Miguel, is a set of winding stairs that lead to the most popular beach in the city, Playa del Bajondillo.


The beach is a haven for French tourists and the LGBTQ crowd, with rainbow flags hanging along the promenade and above several trendy restaurants and bars.

Those seeking a quieter scene head north to Playa Los Alamos, where the crowds start to dwindle. With fewer shops and bars, it’s a great option for families looking to relax for the entire day.

After winding around the point the action picks up pace in the Playa La Carihuela, where the majority of the people strolling down the restaurant flanked walkways are from Scotland, France, or the Netherlands.

2- Enjoy The View From The Parque De La Batería (Battery Park)

Parquede Bateria
Wandering around Parquede Bateria is one of the things to do in Torremolinos. Photo Grant Doremus.

Perched high above the Torremolinos coastline lies the Parque de la Batería where four WWII-era vintage artillery cannons silently guard one of the city’s most tranquil green spaces.

Spanning 300,000 square hectares, the park contains several paths for walking, running and cycling.

They all circle a 9,000 square metre man-made lake with row boats ready to give visitors a closer look at the magnificent statues in the water.

Near the entrance, the large playground and Venetian-style merry-go-round offer hours of entertainment for kids and at the far end, the cannons and bunkers surround the 15-metre Torre Mirador, featuring the best view of Torremolinos and the coastline from anywhere in the city.

1,000 well-manicured trees in the park represent 25 different species of plants found in the region and serve as the home to hundreds of chirping green parakeets.

Parque de la Batería is at C. Decano Antonio Seoane, s/n, 29620 Torremolinos.

3- Marvel At The Architecture Of The Casa De Los Navajas

Casa Navajas entry
Admiring the architecture of Casa Navajas is one of the intriguing things to do in Torremolinos away from the beach. Photo: Grant Doremus.

The industrial boom during the 1920s brought wealth to the port of Malaga, and for one family in particular, that meant the opportunity to build a beautiful second home overlooking the sea.

The Navajas family profited greatly from selling sugar cane where the airport now stands, and in 1925 they decided to build a unique summer home in a Neo-Mudejar style, reminiscent of other Islamic structures in the area.

Three generations of the family lived in this masterpiece overlooking Bajondillo Beach.

The magnificent exterior facade features extravagant tilework and old cobblestone stairs leading up to the entrance add to the charm of the residence.

Inside, the large open halls with marble floors are lavishly decorated in Arabic-style furniture.

The building is now used for small weddings and other ceremonies, and the entrance is free.

The Casa de los Navajas is at Calle Antonio Navajas Ruiz – Bajondillo, 29620 Torremolinos.

4- Shop In Calle San Miguel

Street art in Calle San Miguel
Street art in Calle San Miguel.

Running directly down the centre of the heart of the city, Calle San Miguel offers more than just boutique shops filled with souvenirs and trendy clothes.

The glimmering marble stone street leads visitors to a wide array of fine restaurants, sports pubs, and cosy cafes on each end, while they window shop for unique gifts.

Tucked away in the side alleys, a host of other stores offer leather goods, and in some areas, spectacular street art covers the walls from head to toe, depicting famous actors and musicians in brilliant colours.

The lowest part of the street opens up into Plaza San Miguel, a lively area that sits below the historic Torre Pimentel, which pays homage to a soldier who aided the Catholic Monarchs in their siege of Malaga in the 15th century.

Constructed over 700 years ago, the stone structure functioned as a defensive tower for the Nasrids during Moorish rule, and today reminds visitors of the city’s ancient past.

5- Stroll Around The Punta De Torremolinos

Torremolinos Panoramic View, Costa Del Sol
Walking around Punta de Torremolinos is one of the relaxing activities.

Along the seafront promenade that stretches from one side of the city to the other, the Punta de Torremolinos casually leads people to one of the most stunning viewpoints on Costa del Sol.

From the peninsula, the Sierra Nevada Mountains dominate the views to the north as they loom high in the background over Malaga’s beautiful city skyline.

Looking to the south, the Playa La Carihuela stretches down the coast to the Ferris wheel situated just outside of the Puerto Marina in Benalmádena.

Interestingly, the tiny caves in the large porous cliff on the Punta de Torremolinos are home to dozens of feral cats.

They roam back and forth along the walkway, lying in the sun and gladly accepting treats from people passing by.

Two monuments on the walkway pay tribute to Salvador Dali, who painted the ‘Invisible Man’ while residing on the point.

During his time there, his lover Gala enjoyed sunbathing topless on the nearby beach, setting the precedent for this idea for years to come on Malaga’s coast.

The Punta de Torremolinos is located between Playa Rincón del Sol and Playa del Bajondillo.

6- Wander Through The Plants At Molino De Inca Botanical Garden

During the 17th century, the water flowed steadily from the steep mountains above Torremolinos to the sea, and in between, the molinos (mills) harnessed the energy of the streams to grind the local grain into flour.

After being abandoned for over a century, the locals rehabilitated the Molino de Inca and the surrounding area in 2003 to create a stunning botanical garden with 150 different species of palm trees, bushes, and other plants.

One of its most unique features, the Japanese-inspired Zen water garden, recreates the rocky slopes and lakes of the land of the rising sun (Tsukiyama).

Below an enormous 30-metre pine tree, visitors can also try and make their way to the centre of an impressive circular hedge maze.

The gardens are also home to several exotic birds on display including falcons, owls, and colourful parrots.

Molino de Inca Botanical Garden is at Cam. de los Pinares, 29620 Torremolinos.

7- Learn About Large Reptiles At The Crocodile Park

Crocodile On The Sand In The Zoo
Learning about reptiles at the Crocodile Park is one of the things to do in Torremolinos with kids.

Just above the town centre, the Crocodile Park of Torremolinos offers the opportunity to get a closer look at some of the largest reptile species in the world.

On the guided tour, visitors encounter a wide variety of animals, including both the Nile and American crocodile, spectacled caiman, bearded dragon, red tegu, and several different types of tortoises, all from less than 2 metres away.

Three times per day, the caretakers of the crocodiles offer demonstrations, educating spectators on how these large reptiles live and hunt in the wild.

For those brave enough, there is an opportunity to hold a baby alligator during the end of the tour.

Rest assured, the caretakers place a protective sling on the alligator’s jaw to prevent accidental bites.

The Crocodile Park is at C. Cuba, 14, 29620 Torremolinos. Skip the lines and book your entry tickets here.

8- Zip Down The Water Slides At Aqualand

When the Spanish sun becomes too much to bear, there’s no better way to cool off than by zipping down the water slides at the largest water park in Costa del Sol, Aqualand.

From April to October, the 70,000 square metre park offers 15 water slides for children and 19 for adults, all in different shapes and sizes, a large wave pool, and the newest feature called the ‘Boomerang’.

If that’s not exciting enough, visitors can build up the courage for the ‘Kamikaze’, the tallest water slide in Europe, measuring 22 metres from top to bottom.

Later in the afternoon, families and friends play their way through the 18-hole mini golf course or simply take a nap on a hammock in the grass.

The onsite restaurant and souvenir shop supplies everything necessary for a full day of fun.

Aqualand is at C. Cuba, 10, 29620 Torremolinos. Skip the lines and book your family tickets here.

9- Watch The Andalusian Horse Show At The Club Hípico El Ranchito

Once a riding school in the 1960s, El Ranchito became a venue for one of the most unique and amazing horse shows in Andalucia, where riders and horses perform intricately choreographed dances set to music.

From the imagination of horse trainer José Gonzalez who bought the ranch in 1975, the shows feature the finest riders and horses in Andalucia, all dressed in traditional attire.

At the Club Hípico El Ranchito, flamenco dancers join the magnificent beasts in the ring, twirling and swaying together in perfect rhythm.

This event takes place every Wednesday, attracting crowds of over 500 people in the summer months, so it’s best to book ahead.

Shows feature 20 different horses in six separate performances which in total, typically run for one hour and a half.

The Club Hípico El Ranchito is at Senda del Pilar, 4, 29620 Torremolinos.

10- Find Deals On Local Goods At The Mercadillo Torremolinos (Local Market)

Every Thursday and Sunday, eager shoppers head to the Recinto Ferial (local fairgrounds) to stock up on fresh food and find bargains on locally-made goods.

Over 200 vendors set up stalls during this event offering fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade food and crafts, clothing and footwear, plants and decorations, and loads of other products.

It’s best to arrive early to catch the best deals.

The market runs from 9 am to 2 pm, leaving just enough time to cover it all.

On Sundays, the event includes the ‘El Rasto’ or the flea market, where shoppers can rummage through antiques, artisanal products, and second-hand goods such as books, records, and other gems of the past.

The Mercadillo Torremolinos is at the Recinto Ferial at the end of Av. del Real.

11- Catch A Local Flamenco Show

Smiling Flamenco Dancer
Catching a flamenco show is one of the top things to do in Torremolinos.

From the Sacromonte caves in Grenada, the popularity of flamenco shows swept across Andalucía, as dancers stomped and twirled to the rhythmic strumming of guitars.

Almost every city in the region offers the opportunity to experience passion-filled shows, but in Torremolinos, spectators can enjoy the music and dancing in a much more intimate setting at several local venues near the city centre.

The local favourite is Taberna Flamenca Pepe Lopez, which opened its doors in 1965, making it the oldest flamenco show in Costa del Sol.

Taberna Flamenca Pepe Lopez is at Plaza de la Gamba Alegre, 29620 Torremolinos.

12- Have Lunch In Plaza Costa Del Sol

Torremolinos Panoramic View, Costa Del Sol
Enjoying lunch at Plaza Costa Del Sol is one of the things to do in Torremolinos.

Bustling with activity day and night, Plaza Costa del Sol is the beating heart of the vibrant city of Torremolinos.

Located at the top of Calle San Miguel, a famous shopping district, the plaza entices visitors to take a break and have a bite to eat or a quick drink.

Musicians happily entertain the crowds as they bask in the sun, sipping on cold drinks.

The most predominant feature of the plaza, the large pergola, was added in 2019, providing ample shade to sit and relax.

At night, the beachgoers make their way up the winding stairs from below and join the friendly crowds.

Plaza Costa del Sol is located in the city centre near the train station.

13- Play Mini Golf Near The Beach Promenade

Across the street from Playa de Bajondillo, the Mini Golf Happy Days provides the perfect opportunity for families and friends to put their putting skills to the test and have a little fun while doing it.

As different holidays approach throughout the year, the course is decorated with new themes, adding entertaining figures and lights, and a bit of charm to the game.

The fun doesn’t end after the 18th hole either.

The large arcade inside offers a variety of activities for all ages, including video games, table tennis and football, billiards, and pinball.

The Mini Golf Park is at P.º de Maritimo Torremolinos, 29, 29620 Torremolinos.

14- Climb The Stairs To The Camino De La Playa Viewpoint

For those who never skip leg day, the staircase on Camino de la Playa pushes climbers to reach one of the better vantage points in the city.

Located at the beginning of the Paseo Martimo, near the Punta de Torremolinos, this old passageway serves as a quick connection between Playa de Bajondillo and the city centre.

Decorated with flowers on both sides the route escapes the bustling walkway below and offers tranquil seating areas to rest along the way.

The Camino De La Playa Viewpoint can be accessed at the beginning of the Paseo de Maritimo or from the city centre.

15- Hit The Outlets At The Plaza Mayor

With over 300 days of sunshine in Costa del Sol, spending the day indoors shopping may not be the first thing on the agenda during the holidays.

Thanks to the open-air outlets at Plaza Mayor, visitors can enjoy strolling along the maze of designer clothing stores and accessory shops, while still basking in the sun.

From the city centre in Torremolinos, the train whisks shoppers directly to the entrance of Plaza Mayor in only 15 minutes.

On overcast days, the outlets offer more than enough to do for an entire afternoon.

With a large cinema, several playgrounds, and a grocery store, families with children are well covered.

When it comes time to eat, the large assortment of restaurants serves up plates from around the world, indoors and outside in the terrace areas.

For those with finer tastes, the new gastronomic hub called ‘Patio Gourmet’ is sure to satisfy.

The Plaza Mayor C. Alfonso Ponce de León, 3, 2, Churriana.

16- Take A Day Trip To Malaga

Malaga Beach And Lighthouse Panoramic View
A day trip to Malaga is one of the popular things to do from Torremolinos.

With a luxurious port, an enormous cathedral, and an impressive hilltop castle just 20 minutes away, why not jump on the train and discover Malaga for a day?

The train station is conveniently located in the main plaza in Torremolinos, offering easy access to the city.

The last stop on the line brings passengers right into the centre, just steps away from Malaga’s famous Calle Larios and the port, with luxury yachts, boat tours, and designer shops.

The polished maze of marble streets leads to the beloved Cathedral of Malaga and several captivating museums.

Just a bit further, the Alcazaba and Castillo de Gibralfaro entice visitors to make the steep climb up to the top of the hill for sweeping views of the coastline and city below.

17- Play Sports In Arroyo De La Miel

Costa del Sol offers more health benefits than just the sea and the sun.

The area is rich in sports activities, from beach volleyball to indoor ice skating in Arroyo de la Miel.

Three local golf courses in Benalmádena provide ample terrain for players of all skill levels to practise their swing, while the coastline entices hikers with a winding path that leads to astounding viewpoints of the sea.

The municipal sports centre of the city offers indoor swimming, ice skating, and a world-class gym, but for those wishing to enjoy the sun while working out, the Parque de Paloma is the better option, with newly installed exercise equipment around a beautiful man-made pond.

18- Dive Into The Diverse Culinary Scene

Torremolinos’ roots began as a small fishing village many years ago, so it’s no surprise that the best seafood dishes in Costa del Sol also come from this city.

With over 250 restaurants to choose from, there is an almost endless supply of new flavours to try.

From designer tapas to traditional Andalusian dishes, the city’s cuisine covers it all.

Most famously, the fried fish known as ‘pescaito frito’ originated here.

Another favourite found in most seaside restaurants is ‘espeto’ or sardines skewed over a fire pit grill.

On the promenade that runs along Playa La Carihuela and Playa de Bajondilo, many of the finer restaurants offer a diverse array of seafood options, such as anchovies, baby squid, red mullet, and cuttlefish.

19- Explore The Nearby Puerto Marina In Benalmádena

At the end of Playa la Carihuela to the south, lies the Puerto Marina in Benalmádena which has been voted the ‘Best Marina in the World’ on several occasions for its eco-friendly practices and unique architecture.

Opened in 1979, the Puerto Marina incorporates stunning Arabic, Indian, and Andalusian designs into the buildings, walkways, and small bridges, creating the perfect place for an afternoon or evening stroll.

Along the way, various sophisticated bars offer Spanish tapas and high-end shopping on pathways that wind back and forth on the edges of the canals where beautiful sailboats and luxury yachts are docked.

The Puerto Marina is at C. La Fragata, A11, 29630 Benalmádena.

20- Ride The Cable Car To The Summit Of Mount Calamorro

The train from Torremolinos stops in the town square of the nearby city of Arroyo de la Miel, near the base of Mount Calamorro.

From there, visitors can take a quick 15-minute ride to the summit on the Teleférico (Cable Car) Benalmádena for the most astounding views of Costa del Sol.

At the 770-metre summit, four different vantage points look out over the stunning coastline, the Guadalhorce Valley, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the distance.

When the skies are clear, it’s possible to see the Rock of Gibraltar to the south, and the African coastline from across the Mediterranean Sea.

The summit is also home to the Valley of the Eagles, a sanctuary for different birds of prey, which also presents live animal demonstrations daily.

The Cable Car (Teleférico) is at Explanada del Tivoli, s/n, 29631 Benalmádena.

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