Andalucia Road Trip

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Spain’s southern coast is sunny 300 days of the year so it’s not surprising Andalucia is a popular destination. An Andalucia road trip is a fun way to explore the region from coast to coast, whether by car, motorbike or in a van.  

One of the things to love about Andalucia is you can easily switch from swimsuit to hiking boots. Andalucia is also home to a number of spectacular Spain landmarks. The weather is fantastic and there are amazing landscapes.

Andalucia Road Trip 

Andalucia itinerary
The team from Italian Trip Abroad took a road trip through Andalucia and discovered a good mix of historic cities and beach culture.

One of the famous Spanish travel quotes says that “Every adventure starts with a yes” and a big yes is my vote for a journey around Andalucia. 

One of the things I love about an Andalucia road trip is the diversity of landscapes and temperatures, from the scorching heat of Sevilla (over 40°C in summer) to hiking the Sierra Nevada in the snow even in late May.

Exploring Andalucia’s charming villages and friendly towns is also a pleasure.

The locals are so pleased to speak with you and offer a smile along the way.

Away from the coast, the landscape reveals a more rural side of Spain as you reach Sevilla, Granada and Cordoba.

Driving the roads in Andalucia is easy, even if you’re not an expert, and thanks to the long summer and lovely spring seasons, a road trip through Andalucia is a joy. 

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Where is Andalucia?

Sandwiched between Africa and Europe and where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic, Andalucia occupies the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula and is a region rich in history. 

With the Mediterranean Sea to the south, Andalucia also shares a border with Portugal to the west, the Spanish regions of Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura (north) and Murcia (east) along with the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar, which although is not technically part of Spain, is an essential stop on any Andalucia road trip. 

How to get to Andalucia

If you’re on a budget, the best way to start your Andalucia road trip is to find a cheap flight to Malaga. 

Malaga’s airport was given a facelift a few years ago and is the newest and largest hub, making it the easiest airport to source a cheap flight from just about anywhere in Europe and through the International Airport, you can fly from and to, overseas destinations.

Also, read this post to find out the best Barcelona landmarks as well as day trips from Barcelona. Here’s a useful road trip pack list of 44 things to bring on your road trip. 

Andalucia Road Trip Itinerary


Andalucia driving holiday
Start your Andalucia road trip in Malaga and drive along the coast to the other beachside towns and cities of the Costa del Sol.

Malaga is a large seaside city known for its amazing beaches of the Costa del Sol and great food.

You can expect all the facilities of a big city and, as the temperature in Malaga is high all year long, make sure to pack your swimsuit and hang out at these beaches in Malaga.

A great time to visit is between March and late October when the temperature is usually warmer than 20°C.

I suggest visiting the local market for a meal. Find a nice outdoor table and order fresh seafood, that they cook instantly in front of you.

Things to do in Malaga
  • Visit the Picasso Museum. Did you know that Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga in 1881? He was born Pablo Ruiz but later used his Mother’s maiden name. If you’re a Picasso fan you might like a private guided tour of the Picasso Museum otherwise there are plenty of tours that include a visit to the museum
  • Explore the fortress-palace of Alcazaba, which means citadel, and is a stunning historical monument.
  • Step back into history at the Roman Theatre, which is one of the oldest monuments in Malaga.
  • A tour of the El Caminito del Rey, 100 meters above the Guadalhorce River, Malaga’s main water reserve is an adventure where you will also discover the charms of the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes canyon. 
  • The Malaga hop-on-hop-off bus is a cheap and convenient way to see several sights in Malaga. Book your ticket here
Day trips from Malaga
  • Take a trip to Ronda to gape at the sight of a soaring cliff with white houses on the top of the hill  
  • Almeria is 150 kilometres away from Malaga and has some amazing beaches.

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Puerto Banus

things to do in Andalucia
Sunset is a great time in Marbella or Puerto Banus.

From Malaga, make your way along the Andalucian coastline where you will pass charming towns like Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Mijas, Marbella and Puerto Banus. 

In summer those places are so crowded, with plenty of tourists from everywhere, especially Puerto Banus which has a fantastic great seaside vibe and an amazing harbour.

Stop in Puerto Banus for ice cream at the sunset and you will be surprised at how beautiful it is.

Things to do 

Check out a range of tours in Puerto Banus here.

If you fancy a few days of sun and sand, relaxing on the beach, there are plenty of hotels, resorts and apartments in Puerto Banus to suit a range of budgets. 

Click here to check out a range of accommodation in Puerto Banus 

Driving time from Malaga to Puerto Banus: 1 hour

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Andalusia road trip
Checking out the view on he Gibraltar Rock is a memorable Andalucia road trip activity.

An Andalucia road trip offers the best of both worlds and the chance to explore places along the coast as well as inland. 

The best coastal cities to stop at on your Andalucia road trip are Malaga, Gibraltar, Cadiz and Tarifa.

Continuing your itinerary along the coast that is separated from the African continent by the Straits of Gibraltar, you will pass through Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is a self-governing state with its own political system, however, it’s a British Overseas Territory under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom since the first defence of Europe against the Moors. 

Because of its strategic position, Gibraltar played a huge part in World War II as a military base, which gave the Allies control in the region.

Although Gibraltar is located on the Iberian Peninsula, it’s not part of Spain, but it’s a perfect place to stop while on your Andalucia road trip.

Ride the cable car to the top of the Gibraltar Rock, where the views are amazing and the famous residents are the Barbary Apes.

Andalucia road trips
The rock of Gibraltar is one of the iconic landmarks to see on an Andalucia road trip, even though it isn’t technically in Spain!

The Barbary macaques are monkeys from North Africa but nobody knows how the came here for the first time.

The local authorities feed the apes and keep them on the top of the rock and away from the city. 

To get to Gibraltar, you will need to cross the border, so don’t forget to bring your passport.

The local currency is the Gibraltar Government Sterling (although the United Kingdom sterling is commonly used and Euros are accepted). 

Gibraltar also has its own airport. 

Things to do in Gibraltar

Check out a range of tours and activities in Gibraltar here.

Compare prices of hotels in Gibraltar here.

Driving time from Puero Banus to Gibraltar: 1 hour


tour of Andalucia
Kite surfing in Tarifa is a fun thing to do on your Andalucia road trip.

Tarifa is a great spot for watersports like kite surfing.

It’s also one of the closest points to Africa and on a clear day, you can see the coast of Africa.

Tarifa is really small and although there are many beautiful beaches, it’s not really a great place to spend time on the beach as it can get very windy.

Driving time from Gibraltar to Tarifa: 50 minutes


Andalucia holidays
Cadiz is an intriguing city in Andalucia to explore.

From Gibraltar to Cadiz, it is just an hour drive.

Unlike in France or Italy, there are no fees to travel on the highways in Spain, however, the exception is between Malaga and Gibraltar as well as Cadiz and Gibraltar where a fee of 2.40 euro is required when passing from one state to another. 

Cadiz is basically an island connected to the continent by a unique and pretty amazing bridge, that is busy in summer and especially on the weekends.

Cadiz is an amazing city with a small-town vibe and rich in traditions.

The landscape along the coast is amazing, especially the dome of the Cathedral, and do try to head to the seaside at the sunset for the best photos.

As Spain is famous for its food, I suggest you should also try the local cuisine and Cadiz is the place for the seafood.

It is time to leave Cadiz, a day is more than enough to enjoy the city and take a relax on the beach.

Things to do in Cadiz
  • There are several ways to tour the city, including by bike, Segway, on foot or by electric scooter, so take a guided city tour of one of Europe’s oldest cities, including a visit to the Cathedral and the Roman neighbourhood. 
  • Taste delicious Andalucian flavours on a tapas tour of Cadiz city.  
  • Jerez de la Frontera is famous for the Moto GP and the La Feria del Caballo, the annual horse event.

Check out a range of tours in Cadiz here.

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Driving time from Tarifa to Cadiz: 1 hour 20 minutes


road trip in Andalusia
Sevilla is our most favourite place on our Andalucia road trip.

One of the things I love about Andalucia is the diversity of landscapes and temperatures, from the scorching heat of Sevilla to hiking the Sierra Nevada in the snow even in late May.

Switching the landscape to a more rural side of Spain, you will drive to Sevilla, Granada and Cordoba.

Sevilla is amazing, magical, enchanting and easily the best city we visited on our Andalucia road trip. 

For me, Sevilla is the highlight of any Andalucia road trip as it’s charming and awesome at every corner.

I was inspired by the scenic photo spots, the Flamenco dancers on the streets and the amazing architecture.

Things to do in Sevilla
  • Visit the Royal Alcazaba, which is a Moorish residence designed in the style of the Alhambra of Granada. Book your ticket in advance online as this will allow you to skip the queue, and believe me, it will be really long wait under the sun.
  • The Bull Ring is another landmark not to skip as is a cornerstone of the history of Sevilla. Nowadays, bullfights are less crowded than in the past and are merely a tourist attraction.
  • If you still have time and want to a 360-degree view of Sevilla, head to Metropol Parasol, where you hike a series of Terrazas to the best view of the city.

Check out a range of tours in Sevilla here.

Compare prices of hotels in Sevilla here

Driving time from Cadiz to Sevilla: 1 hour 30 minutes


Andalucia travel
Granada is another special place to put on your Andalucia itinerary.

Point your GPS to Granada for another amazing adventure on your Andalucia road trip.

The city on the hill with Alhambra against the white Sierra Nevada peaks is one of the most stunning landmarks in Spain.  

Alhambra Palace is an impressive fortress built in the 9th century and a castle in Andalucia to tick off your bucket list.

Being in Granada, which is the most Moorish city in Andalucia, allows you to soak up North African Traditions.

I really enjoyed the food in Granada, which is also amazing everywhere in Andalucia. 

Granada is also famous for the natural sources of therapeutic water.

Things to do in Granada

Check out a range of tours in Granada here.

Compare prices of hotels in Granada here

Driving time from Sevilla to Granada: 2 hours 50 minutes


Andalucia travel and tours
Cordoba is a beautiful place to photograph on your road trip in Andalucia.

Give yourself a relaxing day in Cordoba at one of the best spas in Europe and make sure to leave enough time to visit the best Moorish citadel in southern Spain. 

While in Cordoba, plan to visit the Mezquita, which is a beautiful and famous mosque and the city’s most famous landmark. 

Cordoba is also rich in Roman history and there are lots of well-preserved Roman structures that still remain, such as the bridge that connects the two sides of the city.

Things to do in Cordoba
  • Admire the Spanish Islamic architecture of the Cordoba Mezquita and take a guided tour to better understand its history. 
  • Explore Alcazar de Los Reyes Cristianos, which was built by Alfonso XI in 1328, and spend time wandering around the lovely gardens.
  • Photograph the Roman Bridge at night and marvel at the fact that the ancient bridge stands on its original foundation constructed in the first AD. 

Check out a range of tours in Cordoba here.

Compare prices of hotels in Cordoba here.

Driving time from Granada to Cordoba: 2 hours 30 minutes 

Andalucia road trip tips

As you can see an Andalucia road trip is a great way to explore the region independently as there are many treasures to discover along the way.

Driving gives you the flexibility to stop whenever you want and change your plans as you go.

My advice is if you see something that grabs your attention, stop and explore as you never know when you’ll get the time to go back. 

Do you need an International driver’s licence to drive in Andalucia?

  • Visitors from you are from an EU member state, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, should travel with a valid driver’s license.
  • Visitors from other countries may require an International Driver’s License. 

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Andalucia road trip

Andalucia Road Trip

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