20 Best Beaches In Honduras

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With 470 miles (756 kilometres) of spectacular beaches, Honduras is a Central American gem with coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. You’ll find the best beaches in Honduras are typical Caribbean paradises with pristine soft, powdery white sands and seas with crystal clear azure waters. These unspoilt shores have drawn beachgoers from all over the world to spend even just one day basking in the sunshine.

Many cruise ships moor at various Honduran ports, bringing tourists to explore the Caribbean. The beaches closest to the ports are bustling year round, however, there are plenty of tranquil beaches to explore away from the main resorts. The best spots are only accessible by water. Most of the beaches in Honduras are backed by lush jungles dotted with shady palm trees. Here are 20 of the best Honduras beaches to add to your sun-seeker bucket list.

Honduras Beaches

20 Beaches in Honduras

1- Half-Moon Bay Beach

honduras beaches man in red trunks relaxing on a beach lounge
Relax on Half Moon Bay Beach, which is a popular Roatan beach in Honduras.

Half-Moon Bay Beach is on Roatan, the largest Honduran island.

This immaculate beach is a mere 400m (1312ft) in length, and despite being close enough to popular tourist areas, it is very quiet and often overlooked.

The beach is Blue Flag certified. This global standardisation of beaches preserve the safety, accessibility, education and environment of the area.

The beach has pristine waters, which are perfect for snorkelling and dive boats frequently head out to sea to take divers to the best spots.


Many beachgoers flock to Half-Moon Bay Beach to relax in the sun.

Half-Moon Bay Beach is at West End, Roatan, Honduras.

2- West Bay Beach

honduras beaches roatan
Straw umbrella and chairs on a beach in Roatan, Honduras.

West Bay Beach is a picture-perfect Caribbean destination and one of the top beach destinations in Honduras, thanks to its traditional Caribbean style of soft white sands, azure waters and plenty of greenery to transform the beach into a paradise.

There are many resorts near West Bay Beach, and it is a popular stopping point for cruise ships.

As a result, the beach can get very crowded.

Head to the beach in the evening after the ships have departed to watch the sunset in more peaceful surroundings.

West Bay Beach is family-friendly and is a great spot to swim with children as the waters are incredibly calm.

West Bay Beach is at Playa Esmeralda, Roatan, Honduras.

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3- Camp Bay Beach

honduras beaches resorts boat moored by the beach
Escape to paradise on the island of Roatan, which has some of the best beaches in Honduras, Central America.

Locals on the island of Roatan favour Camp Bay Beach above all others.

Camp Bay Beach is one of Honduras’ Blue Flag beaches and is truly a spectacular place to spend a day relaxing, eating and swimming.

Locals often head to the beach for barbecues where freshly caught fish is cooked on the sand and enjoyed with friends and family.

The strip of sand is flanked by coconut trees and is largely undeveloped, which is a welcome change when comparing it to some of the more tourist-heavy resorts.

As this Honduras beach is undeveloped, there are no facilities, so pack enough of your own snacks and drinks to last for the duration of your visit, and make sure to absorb the beauty and tranquillity of the area fully.

Camp Bay Beach is at Santos Guardiola, Roatan, Honduras.

4- Chepes Beach

Chepes Beach is on the island of Utila, one of the Bay Islands favoured by backpackers and scuba divers.

The beach is lined by flags of different countries, which is apt given the multicultural population of the island as travellers come and go.

Chepes Beach is only 220m (721ft) in length but despite its small size is still worth a visit.

It’s close to local hostels, beach bars and restaurants, all of which are very affordable.

Many of the beach bars have palm groves and open sides to allow visitors to enjoy the spectacular surroundings.

Chepes Beach is at Utila, Honduras.

5- Bando Beach

roatan bay islands honduras beaches A young man paddles his surfboard in to shore at sunset.
Paddleboarding is one of the popular activities on many of the beaches in Honduras.

Bando Beach is another of Utila’s popular local hangouts.

Locals visiting the beach can often be found playing tug-of-war on the sands.

Once a year, the islanders hold a sporting competition so practice is needed year-round.

The beach is Blue Flag-rated and is the only one on Utila. To the east of the beach are lush mangroves and to the south a natural harbour.

Bando Beach is the perfect place to relax under the shade of the
many palm trees dotting its sands.

A natural harbour protects the beach from the ocean, and as a result, is the perfect spot for stand-up paddle boarding.

The beach is privately owned and for guests staying at the Sea Eye Hotel but non-residents of the hotel can purchase a day pass to access the beach.

There’s an additional fee to access facilities such as showers and picnic tables.

Bando Beach is at Utila, Honduras.

6- Bayman Bay Beach

best honduras beaches
The best Honduras beaches are the ones where you can relax and enjoy sun, sand and sea.

Bayman Bay Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Honduras.

The small and secluded patch of white sand backs onto thick green jungle and stretches into the calm blue waters of the Caribbean.

The beach is on the island of Guanaja, one of the Bay Islands and the only Bay Island with a waterfall.

Despite this natural landmark, the beach and its surroundings are quiet and peaceful.

The island has limited access and can only be reached by boat, making it truly an exclusive spot.

Bayman Bay Beach is in Guanaja, Honduras.

7- Cayo Chachahuate

roatan honduras beaches resort shallow reef off the shore
Honduras beaches are known for its lovely reefs.

Many Cayos Cochinos tourism boats stop at the sandy shores of Cayo Chachahuate.

This Honduran beach is the perfect spot to relax in peaceful surroundings and if you fancy trying some local food, meals at the local eateries are prepared by the local Garifuna community, many of whom live on Honduras’ islands.

Try the barbecue fish, freshly caught by the locals earlier in the day. 

The waters surrounding Cayo Chachahuate are filled with tropical fish.

The turquoise waters are part of a protected marine area managed by the Honduran Coral Reef Foundation.

Make the most of the waters here and dive or snorkel along a section of the Barrier Reef.

Cayo Chachahuate is at Cayos Cochinos, Honduras.

8- Puerto Escondido

honduras beaches rocky shoreline at dusk
There are Honduras beaches to get away from the crowds.

Puerto Escondido is one of the best Honduran beaches on the mainland.

The beach is close to the town of Tela, which is one of the best beach towns on Honduras’ Caribbean coast.

Many excellent hotels and resorts are nearby, making it easy to choose this area as your base for your Honduran holiday.

Close to the beach, you’ll find one of the best beach experiences in Honduras.

Head to Punta Sal National Park, known locally as Jeannette Kawas National Park and named after a renowned environmental activist.

The protected sands are part of an important coastal marine and tropical rainforest ecosystem.

Puerto Escondido is at Tela, Honduras.

9- Trujillo Bay Beach

Christopher Columbus landed at Trujillo Bay in 1502 during his final voyage to the New World.

It’s easy to understand why he was encouraged to continue exploring the beauty of the islands and the mainland after seeing this beach.

Trujillo Bay is the deepest bay in Central America, with beaches that are great for walks as the sand is compact and flat.

The beach is long, wide and dotted with rivers and streams, which are perfect for wading through as you explore.

The beach is backed by a thick jungle home to many species of colourful birds and monkeys.

A popular pastime on Trujillo Bay Beach is beach-combing for delicate and shimmering shells, driftwood and pebbles.

Trujillo Beach is at Barra de Chapagua, Honduras.

10- Playa del Amor

beaches in honduras sunset
Enjoy stunning sunsets on the beaches of Honduras.

Playa del Amor lies on Honduras’ Pacific Ocean coast, and unlike its Caribbean cousins, it’s much quieter and not visited as frequently.

The beach is on the coastal island of Conchaguita and can only be accessed by boat.

It has a magical and mysterious allure as its beauty and presence are fleeting.

The beach, formed from black sands, is only exposed when the tide is low and for approximately four to five hours a day.

Due to its fleeting existence and lack of provisions, time your visit carefully and pack snacks and drinks for the day.

The beach is protected by mangroves, and it’s the perfect romantic and secluded getaway for an afternoon with the one you love.

Playa del Amor is at Los Manglares, San Lorenzo, Honduras.

11- Sambo Creek Beach

beaches in honduras Beautiful beach on the island of Roatan in Honduras, Central America.
Honduras’ beaches range from busy port beaches to secluded island ones.

Sambo Creek Beach is close to a small fishing village of the same name.

This Garifuna fishing village beach is pleasant and is backed by a lush tropical forest with palm trees to seek shade under.

Sambo Creek Beach is a popular location for swimming as the waters are calm and warm.

The beach is by the mouth of a small river feeding into the Caribbean Sea.

This location creates a perfect atmosphere for snorkelling and diving opportunities out toward the Cayos Cochinos archipelago.

Head to the beach on a Sunday to see the local Garifuna peoples perform traditional punta dancing on the beach.

Sambo Creek Beach is at Sambo Creek, Honduras.

12- Omoa Beach

honduras beach
Take your pick of white-sand beaches in Honduras for time under the sun.

Omoa Beach is typical of a Caribbean Beach; soft white sands and blissfully calm blue waters.

The beach is one of the prettiest spots along Central America’s coastline.

The town of Omoa was significant during Honduras’ colonial days, so there are many museums in the town for visitors to learn about the country’s history.

From the beach, it is possible to walk to an 18th-century fort. San Fernando, a Spanish Fort, was used to protect the coastline during Spanish rule.

When you have had your fill of history and relaxation, head to the harbour to look for dolphins.

For the best dolphin-watching spots, hire a boat and head offshore to see these incredible creatures frolicking in the water.

Omoa Beach is at Omoa, Honduras.

13- Tela Beach

Tela Beach is a large, sweeping, pristine beach with pleasant temperatures all year round and a relaxed vibe.

The beach has many palm trees offering welcoming shade from the heat over the white sands.

The waters are bright blue and calm and great for swimming or snorkelling.

During high tide, the waters reach up to the tree line.

Close to Tela beach is the Punta Sal nature reserve, home to many monkeys and enchanting mangroves to explore.

There are excellent restaurants and bars within walking distance of the beach, making it a convenient place to spend the day.

Tela Beach is at Tela, Honduras.

14- Guanaja Beach

beaches in roatan honduras A snorkeller enjoys the crystal waters of the Caribbean coast.
Going snorkelling is one of the joys of a Honduras beach vacation.

43 miles (70 kilometres) from the coast of Honduras is Guanaja, one of the Bay islands.

Guanaja’s main beach has clear, calm waters and is part of an extensive coral reef system.

The coral reef creates the perfect environment to dive either using a snorkel to observe from a distance or by getting up close with a scuba tank.

Guanaja is incredibly popular with those wanting to explore below the waves.

Guanaja Beach is famous for its links with the exploration age.

Christopher Columbus landed on Guanaja Beach in 1502, where he was first introduced to cocoa.

So, keep your eyes peeled for cocoa trees during your visit.

Guanaja Beach is at Guanaja, 34301, Honduras.

15- Cayos Conchinos Beach

best beaches in honduras three windswept palm trees growing out of the sand
Yet another pristine beach in Honduras.

Cayos Conchinos consists of two tiny islands and 13 coral cays.

The beaches, which are only accessible by boat, are quiet and tranquil, the perfect place to escape from the busier tourist beaches.

The islands themselves are so small that only a couple of palm trees grow, creating a miniature paradise.

Perfectly clear waters surround Cayos Conchinos and the coral reefs at Cayos Conchinos are part of the world’s second-largest coral reef system.

Filled with colourful tropical fish, sea turtles, rays and more, Cayos Conchinos is also the perfect location for diving.

Cayos Conchinos Beach is at Cayos Conchinos, Honduras.

16- Mahogany Bay Beach

Mahogany Bay Beach deck chairs
Mahogany Bay Beach in Honduras is popular with the cruising fraternity.

Mahogany Bay is a cruise ship port visited by many Caribbean cruise liners, which means the beach can get very busy.

This Honduras beach is on Roatan, the largest of the Bay Islands, approximately 40 miles (65 kilometres) from the mainland.

Mahogany Bay Beach is also on the second largest reef system in the world, so snorkelling and diving opportunities here are not to be missed.

The beach is a popular location for fishing for tuna, marlin, mahi mahi and barracuda.

Mahogany Bay Beach is in Roatan, Honduras.

17- Water Cay

beaches of honduras woman lying on her back on the sand
Escape to the beaches of Honduras for a Caribbean vacation.

If your ideal vacation involves nothing more than a well-deserved relaxation on soft sandy beaches soothed by the lapping of the sea on the shore, then look no further than Water Cay.

Water Cay is at the western end of Utila, one of the Bay Islands.

After having your fill of relaxation, remember to take a dip in the warm waters.

The water surrounding Water Cay is filled with a multitude of colourful tropical fish.

Whale sharks are often found close to Water Cay, which is considered the whale shark capital of the Caribbean.

Unlike other beaches within Honduras, Water Cay offers free hire of snorkelling and diving equipment so visitors can make the most of the incredible underwater community.

Water Cay is at Water Cays, Honduras.

18- West End Beach

honduras beaches pictures
Enjoy the aquamarine water at the beaches of Honduras.

West End Beach lies on Guanaja, one of the Bay Islands.

Heading to this largely undeveloped island reveals a true Caribbean paradise.

The beach is surrounded by Caribbean pine and coconut trees, with the only sound above the gently lapping waves being the occasional falling coconut.

Despite West End beach being on the second-largest Bay Island, its undeveloped nature has limited tourist access, so expect to find the beach quiet.

West End Beach is in Guanaja, Honduras.

19- Graham’s Beach

Graham’s Beach is part of the larger Graham’s Place resort, an exclusive Honduran island that is a magical and unspoilt paradise.

Covering 7 acres, Graham’s Place is in the Bay Islands.

The resort is considered boutique and exclusive, and the beach is only for residents of the resort’s 25 waterfront properties.

If you’re keen to splurge, you will truly be vacationing in paradise.

The waters surrounding the welcoming white sands of Graham’s Beach is perfect for snorkelling and swimming and can be accessed straight from your room.

Graham’s Beach is at Josh’s Cay, Honduras.

20- Rio Coto Beach

honduras pictures beaches woman under a palm tree.
If you’re looking for a secluded beach in Honduras, you’re in luck.

In the west end of Omoa lies Rio Coto beach, which is the ideal destination if privacy and escaping tourists are your aims.

The beach is mainly undeveloped and extremely low-key, with few visitors venturing to Rio Coto.

There are plenty of palm trees to seek shade beneath, and the waters are pleasant to swim in.

As the beach is away from touristy areas, there are no facilities, however, facilities can easily be reached following a short walk to the main resort areas.

Rio Coto Beach is at Omoa, 2100 Honduras.

roatan honduras beaches the coast of Honduras island Roatan aerial.
Looking for the best beaches in Honduras? Check out the ones on Roatan island.

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