Where To Stay In Miami

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Miami is a high-spirited city on Florida’s southeastern coast. Although this area was once inhabited by indigenous tribes, Miami has grown into a city that draws in party-goers from all over the country. The city is best known for its blend of culture and diversity.

In Miami, you can find Cuban flavours in Little Havana, artistic vibes in Wynwood’s murals, or nightclubs that stay open until breakfast in Downtown. Miami has something to offer anyone looking to explore this gem. As it’s in the Sunshine State, you can expect hot summers and mild winters.

The weather in Miami is one of the main draws for those looking to relax on white sand beaches and get away from blistering snowy winters in more northern states.

When planning a vacation to Miami, you can expect beachgoing, indulging in international cuisines and shopping at upscale boutiques to be part of your itinerary.

The city of Miami has many different pockets and boroughs, similar to those in Manhattan. Each area of Miami has its vibe and atmosphere to soak in, so choosing the right one can determine what kind of vacation you will have. Some popular places to stay in Miami are South Beach, Downtown Miami and Brickell. So, read on to find out where to stay in Miami.

Where To Stay In Miami

Where To Stay In Miami When You Want To….

Before deciding where to stay, you might want to decide which activities pique your interest in Miami. As we mentioned, this lively city has plenty to offer when it comes to keeping busy on vacation. But, the city also provides a perfect space to get some rest and relaxation if you are looking to take it easy. Here’s where to stay in Miami when you want to do some of the most popular things. 

1- Soak Up The Sun – South Beach, Miami

Henrosa Hotel
Soak up the vibe in the streets of Miami Beach. Here’s where to stay in Miami for a beach vacay.

Relax on the iconic sandy shores of Miami. South Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the nation, so it’s easily one of the top destinations during your visit to Miami.

2- Explore An Art Deco Historic District – South Beach, Miami

When you’re done with the beach, you can also wander through this colorful district known for its unique architecture and vibrant nightlife just a few steps away from the shore.

3- Discover Little Havana – Downtown Miami, Miami

Immerse yourself in Cuban culture, enjoy authentic food and take in the exciting street life. The top spots in this area are ​​Cuban Memorial Boulevard which features monuments and memorials dedicated to the Cuban and Calle Ocho (8th Street), which is famous for festivals and eateries.

4- See Street Murals Of Wynwood Walls – Wynnwood, Miami

This trendy neighborhood is full of impressive murals and other street art. Wynnwood is nationally recognized for its unique art installations.

5- Visit The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens – Brickell, Miami

Explore a stunning Renaissance-style villa and its lush gardens. Vizcaya was built between 1914 and 1922 as the winter residence of James Deering. The house and gardens are known for their elaborate designs and decor.

6- Explore The Design District – Wynnwood, Miami

Shop at luxury boutiques, browse modern art galleries and enjoy upscale dining. You will also find a variety of cultural events, exhibitions and performances hosted in the Miami Design District throughout the year.

7- Visit Everglades National Park

Take an airboat tour and discover the unique ecosystem of the Everglades. The Everglades National Park is technically outside of the city of Miami, but definitely worth the trip to explore this undisturbed natural area.

8- Shop At Bayside Marketplace – Downtown Miami, Miami

Shop, dine and enjoy live entertainment by the waterfront. You can also easily hop on a boat tour, which takes you around Biscayne Bay and the Port of Miami.

9- Relax In The Kampong, National Tropical Botanical Garden – Coconut Grove, Miami

Visit this interactive garden park with a variety of plant and tropical exhibits. The best part about The Kampong is that it is a part of the National Tropical Botanical Garden’s efforts to protect and restore tropical ecosystems worldwide.

10- Spend Time At Miami Seaquarium – Key Biscayne, Miami

Get up close to national and local marine life, watch dolphin and sea lion shows and explore interactive and educational exhibits. The Miami Seaquarium is one of the best family-friendly destinations in Miami.

Choosing the right section of Miami to stay in can determine what kind of vacation you are going to have.

Of course, it is easy to travel to each of the other pockets of Miami easily, staying in the right spot puts you in the middle of the action.

Whether you are looking for tranquil beaches, exciting nightlife, or a blend of artistry from world-renowed artists, you are sure to find it here in the Magic City – Miami, Florida.

Here is our list for the top 5 places to stay in Miami with some added information on what to do and see.

South Beach

Catalina Hotel & Beach Club
South Beach is a classic choice when deciding where to stay in Miami.

First on our list is South Beach.

Located in Miami Beach surrounded by Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, this is a vibrant and iconic destination known for its white sandy beaches, Art Deco architecture and fun atmosphere.

This side of town offers plenty of fun things to do, including relaxing on the sandy shores, taking a stroll along Ocean Drive to admire the historic pastel-colored buildings, or exploring the Lincoln Road Mall for shopping and dining.

One of the most notable things in South Beach is the nightlife.

There are numerous bars, clubs and restaurants that keep the energy going well into the night and even the wee hours of the morning.

The exciting nightlife makes South Beach the ideal spot for party-goes and an exciting young crowd, but families can also enjoy the beautiful beaches and interesting history found around every corner.

In short, South Beach is a great destination for travelers of all kinds.

This is why it is number one on our list of the top places to stay in Miami.


  • Central location: This is a popular hotspot with beaches, dining, shopping and entertainment within walking distance.
  • Cool nightlife options, including upmarket clubs and bars.
  • Beach access: you will find lots of hotels in South Beach with direct beach access.
  • Diverse dining: Restaurants range from casual cafes by the beach to fine dining.
  • Shopping: Plenty of places to shop for all budgets, from high-end boutiques to chain stores.
  • Good public transportation


  • Cost: Hotels in South Beach can be expensive, so expect to pay a premium.
  • Noise: As it’s popular for nightlife, this may not be the best area if you want a quiet getaway.
  • Traffic: South Beach can get congested and parking is challenging.
  • Crowds: Being a major tourist hotspot, South Beach can get crowded.

Looking for accommodation recommendations for South Beach, Miami? Check out our list of the best hotels in the area.

Hotels To Stay At In South Beach

The Betsy Hotel, South Beach
You’ll find lots of places with art deco architecture when deciding where to stay in South Beach Miami.
Budget: Catalina Hotel & Beach Club

A trendy hotel with a vibrant atmosphere, just steps away from the beach.

Amenities: Evening Happy Hour, 24-Hour Front Desk, Two Swimming Pools, Rooftop Sun Deck, Two Restaurants

Mid-Range: Henrosa Hotel

The Henrosa Hotel is just steps from Lummus Park Beach and South Beach.

One of the best features is the city views from the terrace.

Amenities: Four Complimentary Breakfasts, Prime Location, Beach Access, Boutique Decor

Luxury: The Betsy Hotel

An upscale boutique hotel with a retro-chic vibe, located on Ocean Drive offering easy access to the beach.

Amenities: Two Pools, Outdoor Decks, Library, Spa, Pop Up Opera Performances, Fitness Center, Lobby Bar, Restaurants and options for Private Dining

Downtown Miami

Eurostars Langford
Wondering where to stay in Miami?

Downtown Miami serves as the bustling heart of the city.

This area of town offers a mix of cultural attractions and towering skyscrapers, leading to its diverse urban feel.

Its history is a blend of Native American heritage and Spanish colonization.

Visitors to downtown Miami can explore educational attractions like the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PamM) and the Frost Science Museum, or check out the shops and dining at the iconic Bayside Marketplace.

The historic Freedom Tower, once a landmark for Cuban immigrants, stands as a symbol of Miami’s blend of cultures and heritage.

Additionally, the scenic Miami Riverwalk is a great spot to find picturesque views of the city’s skyline and waterfront.

This area of Miami is frequented by business travelers, but it is also a great place for art enthusiasts, history buffs and foodies who enjoy the diversity of cultures that Miami has to offer.

Downtown Miami is conveniently located at the center of the other locations on our list, so if you are looking to explore the whole city, this is the spot to be.

To summarize, Downtown Miami is a dynamic blend of history, culture and modernity, attracting a wide range of visitors.


  • Business Hub: You’ll be right in the heart of the commercial and financial districts.
  • Cultural Attractions: Downtown Miami is where you’ll find museums and performing arts.
  • Transportation: Downtown Miami is well-connected by public transportation, including a free light rail service that loops around downtown.
  • Waterfront Views: Some hotels have lovely views of Biscayne Bay.
  • Less Touristy: Downtown Miami is less touristy than South Beach, providing a more authentic city experience.


  • No Beach Access: Downtown Miami isn’t a beachfront location and lacks the beaches that Miami is known for.
  • Noise: Downtown Miami can be noisy until late at night.
  • Parking: Parking is a challenge and many hotels charge high daily rates for parking.
  • Safety Concerns: As with any downtown area, you need to watch out for pick pockets.
  • Traffic: Downtown Miami can be quite congested, especially during rush hours.

Looking for accommodation recommendations for Downtown Miami? Check out our list of the best hotels in the area.

Hotels To Stay At In Downtown Miami

Hyatt Regency Miami
Miami streets and modern buildings.
Budget: Eurostars Langford

A budget-friendly option with a prime downtown location and comfortable rooms that once housed the Miami National Bank.

Amenities: Breakfast in Gastronomy Restaurant, Rooftop Views, Various Meeting Spaces, City Views

Mid-Range: Hyatt Regency Miami

A contemporary hotel with stunning views of Biscayne Bay and close proximity to attractions.

Amenities: Pool, Fitness Center, Meeting Facilities, Prime Location, On-Site Restaurant

Luxury: Hotel Beaux Arts: Autograph Collection

A luxurious hotel offering first class services, elegant design and panoramic views.

Amenities: Pool and Hot Tub, On-Site Restaurant, Spa and Hair Salon, Fitness Center, On-Site Golf, Free Snacks and Refreshments, Meeting Spaces, Game Room, Planned Children Activities, Convenience Store and Gift Shop, Turn Down Service


Hotel Indigo Miami Brickell, an IHG Hotel
Brickell Bay has some lovely hotels to choose when planning where to stay in Miami for couples.

Brickell makes up the center of Miami’s financial district.

Although that may seem boring, this part of Miami is also known for its lively social scene.

Similar to Miami’s Downtown, you can find sleek skyscrapers, but those are accompanied by expensive penthouse suites, giving this area a more upscale vibe.

Brickell is located just south of Downtown Miami.

Initially an uninhabited area of warehouses and factories, Brickell has evolved into a more socially frequented part of the city over the years.

Today, it’s recognized for its iconic architecture, which can be admired most at the Brickell City Centre.

Visitors to Brickell typically explore the shopping and dining at Brickell City Centre or Mary Brickell Village which both offer a blend of boutiques, restaurants and entertainment venues.

The Brickell Key Park provides a tranquil escape from the bustling city with stunning views of the skyline.

The neighborhood’s nightlife scene is also popular, featuring rooftop bars and trendy nightclubs.

Staying in Brickell appeals to professionals working in the financial district and those seeking a taste of the sophisticated city lifestyle.

Brickell’s proximity to the Bay and easy access to Key Biscayne and the cultural scene in downtown Miami make it a great choice for Miami travelers.

Brickell offers a taste of Miami’s mixture of modern glamour and urban energy.


  • Modern: Many hotels in Brickell are quite new and have modern designs and the latest facilities.
  • Dining and nightlife: Lots of dining, shopping and nightlife options.
  • Business hub: If you’re traveling for business, Brickell is Miami’s financial center.
  • Transport: Brickell is well-serviced by the Metromover, a free light rail system offering access to Downtown Miami and other parts of the city.
  • Waterfront Views: Several hotels in Brickell have views of of Biscayne Bay and the Miami River.
  • Residential Feel: Brickell has a both business hotels and residential apartments.


  • Expensive: Higher hotel prices and dining than some other area.
  • Lacks beach access: You’ll need to travel to the beach.
  • High-Rises: The dense concentration of high-rise buildings might not be appealing.
  • Parking: Some hotels charge steep daily parking rates.

Looking for accommodation recommendations for Brickell? Check out our list of the best hotels in the area.

Hotels To Stay At In Brickell

Budget: Hotel Indigo Miami Brickell, an IHG Hotel

A standard affordable hotel with a large outdoor pool and rooms with a balcony.

Amenities: Outdoor and Indoor Pool, Fitness Center, Guest Patios, Market Place, Business Center, On-Site Restaurant and Bar

Mid: SLS LUX Brickell

A stylish hotel with a rooftop pool, spa and trendy dining options.

Amenities: Altitude Pool, Spa, Fitness Center, Lincoln Luxury House Car, Turn Down Service

Luxury: W Miami

A luxurious hotel known for its impeccable service, unique pool and elegant rooms.

Amenities: Pool, State-Of-The-Art Fitness Center, Spa, Private Balconies, On-Site Restaurant, Meeting Spaces, Room Service

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is one of Miami’s oldest neighborhoods.

This charming portion of the city offers a bohemian vibe with lush greenery and a large artistic community.

Coconut Grove is located south of Brickell, along the shoreline of Biscayne Bay.

The history of Coconut Groves dates back to the late 1800s.

It was originally a hub for artists, writers and intellectuals which fostered the boho and creative atmosphere that continues today.

Visitors can explore the CocoWalk shopping and dining complex, featuring boutiques, cafes and restaurants.

The Barnacle Historic State Park offers a glimpse into the past, featuring the preserved home of a pioneer family surrounded by tropical gardens.

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is also one of our favorite attractions, providing history and unique architecture to admire.

Since Coconut Grove sit along the bay, you can also find opportunities for outdoor activities like sailing and kayaking.

Coconut Grove is perfect for visitors who appreciate a more laid-back environment.

The best part about Coocnut Grove is that you are close to Brickell and Downtown, which puts you in close proximity to the urban action.

If you are seeking a mix of history, nature and art, Coconut Grove is the place for you.

This unique bohemian vibe, combined with its historical significance and natural beauty, makes Coconut Grove a must-visit destination for those looking for an unforgettable Miami experience.


  • Lovely scenery: Coconut Grove has a tropical feel with bay views.
  • Culture: Home to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and other galleries.
  • Dining and shopping: A eclectic mix of independent boutiques, shops and cafes.
  • Historic: Architecture an history reflecting one of Miami’s oldest neighborhoods.
  • Marina access: This Miami neighborhood provides access to marinas.


  • Away from attractions: Coconut Grove is a bit further away from the tourist attractions.
  • Nightlife: The nightlife is not as diverse as other areas.
  • Limited hotel choices: Compared to other areas, Coconut Grove has fewer hotel options.
  • Beach access: It doesn’t provide the sandy beachfront experience Miami is famous for.

Looking for accommodation recommendations for Coconut Grove, Miami? Check out our list of the best hotels in the area.

Hotels To Stay At In Coconut Grove

Budget: Courtyard Miami Coconut Grove

This budget-friendly hotel is loved for its great location, dining options at the bistro and an outdoor pool.

Amenities: Heated Outdoor Infinity Pool, Fitness Center, On-Site Restaurant, Outdoor Patio, Meeting Spaces

Mid-Range: The Mutiny Hotel

A charming hotel with spacious suites and a tropical atmosphere.

Amenities: Pool and Whirlpool Spa, Sauna, Steam Room, Fitness Center, Suites with Bay Views

Luxury: Mr. C Miami Coconut Grove

A luxury hotel within walking distance of the Cocowalk Shopping Center featuring great amenities.

Amenities: Rooftop Pool, Boutique Spa and Wellness Club, Beach Access with Beachside Rentals, Children Activities, In-Room Pet Amenities, Sweeping Bay Views


Arlo Wynwood Miami
If you’re into street art, look in Wynwood when planning where to stay in Miami for the first time.

Wynwood, is somewhat of an artistic mecca in Miami.

This area has become a globally known destination for street art, galleries and creative expression.

Wynnwood is directly north of Downtown Miami.

Wynwood’s transformation began in the early 2000s when artists began converting the neighborhood’s warehouses into their canvases to create engaging street art.

Today, it homes the Wynwood Walls, one of the most popular outdoor street art galleries featuring murals from internationally renowned artists.

In addition to Wynnwood Walls, visitors can explore Wynwood’s many other art galleries, which feature contemporary art in different mediums including paintings, photographs and sculptures.

The neighborhood is also known for its eclectic boutiques, Instagram-worthy cafes and modern dining options.

The Wynwood Marketplace is the perfect spot if you are looking for shopping, dining and live entertainment.

The neighborhood’s bright and dynamic atmosphere makes it a must-visit for anyone looking to immerse themselves in breathtaking art and culture.

Wynwood’s combination of street art, galleries and an urban lifestyle has turned it into an awesome part of the city that brings in many different kinds of vacationers.


  • Artistic vibe: A hub for art and culture with galleries, the Wynwood Walls and street art.
  • Nightlife: Take your pick of trendy bars, breweries, lounges and clubs.
  • Diverse dining: Excellent range of places to dine.
  • Pedestrian friendly: The main areas are easy to walk around.
  • Shopping: Unique independent stores and artisan shops.


  • Noise: Some areas can get noisy, especially on weekends.
  • Limited accommodation: Smaller range of hotel choices.
  • No beach access: No beachfront and a drive to the nearest beaches.

Looking for accommodation recommendations in Wynnwood, Miami? Check out our list of the best hotels in the area.

Hotels To Stay At In Wynwood
Hyde Suites Midtown Miami
The Graffiti District is a cool spot to choose when planning where to stay in Miami, Florida.
Budget: – Arlo Wynwood Miami

A retro-style hotel with a fun atmosphere.

Amenities: Pool and Cabanas, On-Site Restaurants, Cocktail Lounge, Meeting Spaces, Prime Location

Mid: – Hampton Inn & Suites Miami Wynwood Design District

Located in the heart of the Design District, the Hampton Inn & Suites is a great option to put you in the middle of the artistic scene.

Amenities: Complimentary Breakfast, Outdoor Pool, Fitness Center, Meeting Spaces, Pet-Friendly Rooms

Luxury: Hyde Suites Midtown Miami

This luxury hotel is well-loved for its tennis court and outdoor pool with a poolside bar.

Amenities: On-Site Rotating Art Exhibit, Studio-Style Guest Rooms, Poolside Cocktail Bar, Pool, Tennis Court, Fitness Center, Putting Green, Meeting Spaces, Dog Park, Water Sport Rentals

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