20 Things To Do In Doha At Night

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Doha is a modern Middle Eastern city and the capital of Qatar, one of the world’s highest per capita incomes. If you have ever wondered what a Middle Eastern city looked like, the glitz and glamour of Doha will surprise you. There are many things to do in Doha, with several bars, pubs, clubs, mega malls, man-made islands and even air-conditioned parks that come alive after sunset. Whether you’re visiting for work or have a long layover for your next flight, there are many great things to do in Doha at night.

Be it summer or winter, you can take a stroll through an old souk, go on a cruise ship, sip cocktails in a themed bar or rooftop lounge, go to a music club and enjoy the party vibe, go shopping in a mall, walk on the waterfront, enjoy the multitude of entertainment activities in malls, and even play with snow inside a snow park.

Doha is a safe city that comes alive at night, especially in summer. Alcohol consumption is prohibited in public spaces, but you can have all you want in a licensed establishment. With most of the working expat population, evenings get crowded in bars and clubs, so head out early if you plan to visit one of them. The Doha metro is a great way to get around the city, while the ubiquitous and reasonably priced taxis help you in point-to-point transport. Here are the best things to do in Doha at night.

Doha At Night

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The Doha skyline at night.

20 Things To Do In Doha At Night

1- Take A Stroll Through Souq Waqif

Doha Night City Tour with Authentic Arabic Dinner See All Main Sights
A night in Doha delivers lots of excitement, food and bright lights.

Doha’s modern skyscrapers and masterful Islamic architecture make the city what it is now but walk through the streets of Souq Waqif, and you’re suddenly back into Doha of the olden days.

Traditional stalls and eateries, local handicraft shops, falconry shops, shisha shops, spice and perfume shops and traditional Arab clothing – you’ll come across the traditional side of Doha that’s as interesting as it is enchanting.

You can watch a traditional street performance, hone your bargaining skills, have an authentic Arab dinner, shop for souvenirs, and get lost in the amazing alleyways, which show something new and unique at every turn.

Be on the lookout for one of the many beautifully refurbished restaurants where you can click a beautiful picture while feasting on a fine Arabian dish.

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2- Visit A Local Shisha Bar

Doha : Private 4 Hours City Tour
The bright night lights in Doha makes the city look like a fairyland.

As the sun sets in Doha, one of the favourite activities of locals is to socialise in a shisha bar.

Shisha smoking which is essentially smoking flavoured tobacco, is deeply rooted in Qatar’s cultural heritage, and this is the time when locals share stories after a day’s hard work.

There are many shisha bars in Doha where you can find various shisha flavours to suit your preferences and tastes, like double-apple, mint, grape, lemon-mint and rose.

Whether you’re a shisha aficionado or a first-timer, explore different flavours and aromas of various tobacco blends accompanied by refreshing beverages and traditional Middle Eastern snacks.

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3- Enjoy Dinner Cruise On A Traditional Dhow Boat

Doha Private Tour city tour and Dhow boat cruise
Dinner aboard a traditional dhow is one of the things to do in Doha at night.

Doha’s skyline is quite beautiful after sunset, with several stylishly lit skyscrapers sparkling in the night.

And for the best skyline views, head to a dhow cruise in the Doha Marina.

As you step aboard a beautiful dhow boat with its wooden design and traditional Arabian decor, you’ll be transported to a bygone era of Qatar.

In the olden days, Qatari people relied on dhow boats for fishing, pearl diving and transportation.

Today, Dhow boats symbolise elegance and culture with melodic music and performers entertaining you while you sip your drink or indulge in a delicious dinner spread.

With the glittering Doha skyline on one side and the vast open sea on the other, your experience on a dhow boat will be quite memorable.

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4- Enjoy Drinks On A Rooftop Bar/ Lounge

Skyscrapers in Doha’s skyline have rooftop bars and lounges that are perfect places to unwind and enjoy the panoramic views of the city.

Each place has a unique Arabian or international ambience and stylish design, creating a refined and inviting atmosphere high above the city.

You can try unique cocktails and amazing dishes inspired by local and global cuisines while enjoying your time with a group or sipping on a drink solitarily.

Many bars and lounges have regular DJ and entertainment events and offers, so do check out the schedule and offers before choosing.

Infinity Rooftop Lounge, Nobu Doha, the chic Rooftop Doha at St Regis, and Manko Doha are popular places you can try here.

5- Go On A Sunset Cruise In The Gulf

Sunset In Doha
Sunset in the old town at night in Doha, Ad-Dawhah, Qatar.

One of the best ways to watch the sunset in Doha is by going on a sunset cruise.

Options include traditional dhows that stay close to the shore to luxury yachts that sail out to sea. 

The view of the Doha skyline starting to glitter while the sun sets over the land is amazing to watch.

Depending on the tour operator, you can also choose pick-ups and drop-offs from the hotel or include dinner along with the sunset cruise.

Some sunset cruises may offer additional activities such as live music, traditional performances, or even fireworks which you can confirm while booking the cruise.

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6- Watch Sunset Over Sand In A Desert Safari

Doha Night Desert Safari Camel Ride Dune Bashing with Transfer
A desert safari in Doha at night is a memorable experience.

Going on a desert safari sunset tour in Doha is one of the most memorable things you can do during your stay here.

You can engage in thrilling desert activities like camel riding, sand boarding, dune bashing and admiring the sunset.

Get entertained by cultural activities like belly dancing, get henna tattoos on your hand, dress in traditional attire, and even participate in falconry.

Dune bashing is popular even with kids, who will love the roller coaster-type car ride over the dunes.

The Bedouin-style camp with campfires and a traditional atmosphere is a great place to unwind with a drink and enjoy an Arabian dinner.

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7- Peek Into The Life Of Luxury On Pearl Qatar

Private Doha City Tour|Souq waqif| katar| The Pearl|Corniche
Peek into the life of the rich and famous on The Pearl Qatar in Doha at night.

A fascinating destination that provides a glimpse into the life of luxury is The Pearl Qatar, a four-square-kilometre man-made island off Doha’s coast.

The island has luxury residential and commercial developments where you can find modern Arabian architecture, luxury branded shops, supercar showrooms, beach clubs and entertainment for the affluent.

Take a car ride through the streets of Peral Qatar, and you’ll see opulent Mediterranean-style marinas, villas, private beaches, sleek yachts, upscale restaurants, high-rise residential apartments and almost every popular luxury brand and five-star hotels.

Step into a Ferrari or Rolls-Royce showroom, give yourself some retail therapy at high-end boutiques.

Spend an evening at a public beach, partake in water sports activities, savour gourmet meals at an upscale restaurant and glimpse the luxurious life in The Pearl Qatar.

Even if you don’t plan to shop or dine on the island, explore the island for a unique and interesting perspective on life in the Arabian Gulf.

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8- Take A Stroll On The Corniche And Marvel At Doha’s Skyline

Doha Private Night City Tour
Admire the interesting architecture in Doha at night.

Doha Corniche is a 7-km long promenade with palm trees overlooking the sea.

The corniche’s unique semi-circular shape gives every point on the promenade amazing views of Doha’s skyline.

The promenade comes alive in the evenings when many people walk and jog.

If you manage to visit Doha during one of its festivals, the promenade is one of the best places to visit, where you can find beautifully decorated streets that double as a hangout place for the city’s residents and visitors.

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9- Have Dinner In A Fine-Dining Restaurant

Alcohol, Lifestyle And Fine Dining With Decoration And Celebrate
Having dinner at a fine dining restaurant is one of the things to do in Doha at night.

Doha will impress you with the range of fine dining options available. 

Whether you want to taste your home cuisine, try out the local Arabian delicacies, check out European or Latin American restaurants, or spicy Indian or Asian dishes, you will be spoilt for choice here.

The West Bay business district and Pearl Qatar have many rooftop restaurants, lounges, and upscale dining options, while Souq Waqif is perfect for enjoying local flavours.

Unwind and enjoy international cuisine in an upscale restaurant in the Aspire Zone, or taste the fusion of flavours and innovative culinary concepts in chic restaurants in the Msheireb Downtown Doha.

Every large mall in Doha has a food court and fine-dining fare, which means you don’t need to travel far to enjoy whatever your tastebuds seek. 

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10- Enjoy Sunset Time On A Beach

Qatar is a peninsula surrounded by water on three sides.

Doha is on the eastern coast of Qatar and has many beautiful beaches within and nearby the city.

On the eastern coast, most natural beaches see the sun setting on the other side of the water, descending over the land, beyond the city’s skyline and into the surrounding desert and urban areas.

Sunset time is perfect for enjoying the cool breeze from the waters when you can take leisurely walks on the cool and soft sands, go swimming and enjoy water sports in the shallow waters, relax and enjoy the sunset hues in the panorama on the horizon.

Some popular public beaches in Doha are Katara Beach in the Katara Cultural Village, the family-friendly Al Wakra family beach in southern Doha.

Simaisma Beach has grassed areas; Fuwairit Beach is in the far north of the island with its white sands and famous turtle-laying season.

There are many private beach clubs and beach resorts in Doha where you can enjoy the resort’s amenities while enjoying the natural panoramas.

11- Hit The Dance Floor In A Nightclub

Doha has plenty of options to party after sunset.

The nightclub scene in Doha is dotted with clubs where you can dance till late at night to music and atmosphere of your choice with a popular DJ at the helm of music.

Pearl Qatar and West Bay business district are known for their five-star hotels housing sophisticated clubs like The Vogue, Black Orchid, Iris, which offer a mix of electronic, house and mainstream music.

You can also enjoy traditional Arabic music with contemporary beats in nightclubs near the Souq Waqif and other Arabic-themed clubs in the city, like Darbar Lounge and Wahm Lounge.

If you are a fan of live music, Doha has many options like the Jazz at Lincoln Centre, Irish Harp, Qube and others.

12- Explore Katara Cultural Village

The Katara Cultural Village is a waterfront development for art and cultural exchange that resembles a traditional Qatari Village.

The village is on the coast, close to Pearl Qatar and a hub for cultural events, with theatres, concert halls and exhibition galleries equipped with cutting-edge facilities.

The village is also a great place to taste a variety of South Asian and Arabian cuisines, shop for souvenirs and even cool your heels on the beach waters.

Explore the village’s lively alleyways, and watch impressive music and dance performances.

Many photo-worthy buildings are inside the village, like the Golden Masjid, Amphitheatre and lush green gardens.

If you get a chance, visit the Katara Opera House and Drama Theatre, whose interiors are beautifully constructed to give you a unique experience.

13- Visit The Gondolonia Theme Park In Villagio Mall

If you want a fun way to spend your day in Doha, visit the Gondolonia Theme Park in Villagio Mall.

Open till late evening every day, the indoor amusement park is air-conditioned to keep you cool during the hot day and has many rides to keep you happy with your family.

You can also find go-karting, 4D cinema, an Olympic size ice skating rink and even gondola boat rides within the park’s premises.

Shop and dine in the Villagio Mall along with a theme park visit, making a trip to the theme park well worth your time.

14- Shop And Get Entertained In Mall Of Qatar

Whether you’re with a family or alone, Mall of Qatar has activities and entertainment to keep you busy till late at night.

The mall’s grand and striking architecture aptly makes it one of the premier shopping destinations in Qatar.

Here, you can explore an extensive range of international brands, luxury boutiques, and local stores, offering everything from fashion and accessories to electronics and home décor.

Beyond its exceptional shopping opportunities, Mall of Qatar goes above and beyond to provide entertainment for all ages, including live performances, fashion shows, mini-theme parks, bowling alleys, movie halls, and even a flight/ car driving simulator.

Whether you’re craving a quick snack or seeking a leisurely dining experience, Mall of Qatar has something to suit your taste palette.

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15- Chill Out With Family At The Air Conditioned Al Gharafa Park

An exciting addition to your stay in Doha would be a trip to the air-conditioned Al Gharafa Park.

The park is one of its kind to have a temperature-controlled jogging track fitted with solar panels and also has a separate cycling track.

The jogging track is maintained at a lower temperature than the surrounding area by using sustainable measures like plants and vines, which work to circulate cool air and reduce the temperature by 10 degrees without mechanical intervention.

The park also has a separate play area for young kids and a dedicated area suitable for those with special needs, making the park a great destination for an evening after a long day.

16- Play With Snow At Snow Dunes Park

If you miss the cold weather and want to enjoy a cold and snowy evening in the middle of Doha, you’re in luck!

Located in Doha Festival City, the Snow Dunes Theme Park is always maintained at sub-zero temperatures and has many thrilling snowy activities to keep everyone busy with fun.

Snow guns, fifty-metre snow slides, ice skating rink, snowy merry-go-round, frosty bumper cars – the list of activities you can do goes on.

The park is open till late evening, and the Doha Festival City Mall has many other shopping, dining and entertainment options you can visit before or after your trip.

17- Have Fun With Kids At Angry Birds Theme Park

Another fun way to spend an evening with kids is to visit the Angry Birds Theme Park in Doha Festival City.

If you’ve ever played the popular Angry Birds game on your phone, you will love the park’s game-themed rides and attractions.

With indoor and outdoor rides, you can enjoy the aptly named slingshot, raft battle, angry coaster, blast bomb and many other rides.

A trampoline park, laser tag arena, zipline and other areas will keep you and your little ones busy till late evening.

You can also visit one of the many restaurants in Doha Festival City to satisfy your hunger cravings later.

18- Experience Middle Eastern Flavours In A Local Restaurant

Middle Eastern cuisine is laden with flavours and aromatic spices that will get you salivating when you enter a restaurant.

In Doha, you can sample many regional flavours like the local Qatari cuisine, Lebanese, Turkish, Armenian, Egyptian, Persian and even Syrian.

From the standard traditional fare like kebabs, hummus, falafel and shawarma, you can also try majboos, madrouba, harees, mutabal and sweet dishes like balateet and lugaimat.

You will enjoy the blend of spices, meats, grains, and local ingredients, providing a unique and delicious culinary experience.

If you visit the city during Ramadan, be prepared for amazing dinner buffets and fantastic Middle Eastern dessert spreads in local restaurants.

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19- Visit A Falcon Store

Qatar has a deep falconry heritage, with falcons regarded as symbols of prestige and beauty.

While some of the desert safari tours include an experience involving falcons (for a fee), you can also appreciate this majestic bird by visiting a falcon store in Doha.

Falcon Souq, located within Souq Waqif, is a market dedicated to falconry featuring trained birds and equipment such as hoods and jesses.

Visit this area to witness trainers and shop owners share their knowledge, show you the training techniques and skills used to tame the birds, and perhaps even let a falcon sit on your hand like how they do.

If you visit during the annual Katara International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition, you will see why falcons are so cherished among Qataris.

Children will love this market filled with falcons and the nearby horse stables where they can even ride a horse.

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20- Attend The Qatar Hot Air Balloon Festival

Flying in a hot air balloon is a one-of-a-kind experience you can try in Doha, and many private companies offer hot air balloon rides.

The best time to take a hot air balloon ride and enjoy the colourful views of hot air balloons all over the horizon is during the Qatar Hot Air Balloon Festival held annually (scheduled for December this year).

The event is conducted over 10 days when hot air enthusiasts from around the world come to Doha to participate.

Held from 4 pm to 10 pm, the event hosts live music performances, cultural displays, art installations, and food stalls.

Keep your camera ready to capture amazing photographs of hot air balloons during the event. 

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