20 Things To Do In Delhi At Night

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India’s capital city is home to historical landmarks and is one of the best places to try Indian street food. When you visit the mega-city, its long history, culture and incredible food scene will leave a lasting impression. You’ll find centuries of historical and cultural monuments, interesting museums, inexpensive markets, heritage tours, parks and modern shopping malls to keep you busy day and night. 

You’ll find so many things to do in and around Delhi that you won’t be able to cover it all. Fortunately, the city’s iconic monuments, like the Lal Qila and Purana Qila, have after-dark light and sound shows that give you an insight into Delhi’s past. Monuments like India Gate, Lotus Temple, Qutub Minar are beautifully lit in Delhi at night, giving you a unique perspective of their architectural highlights.

While you can visit one of the many malls that dot the city, you can also visit one of the many night markets and commercial hubs, offering a more grounded experience. It’s hard to resist the incredible array of items you can buy, from sarees and Indian wear to antique souvenirs to aromatic spices. Don’t forget to bargain if you like something.

Delhi’s nightlife is one of the best in the country. The city has many areas famous for late-night lounges, pubs, cuisines and themed nights. Don’t miss the Bollywood-themed nights where you can shake a leg to Bollywood beats! Delhi’s culinary scene is one of the best globally, where you can find almost every global cuisine. While fine-dining restaurants are always nearby wherever you are, you must not leave Delhi without trying Delhi’s street food. From Chandi Chowk’s paratha wali gali and Chowri bazaar, Karol Bagh’s chaat shops, Jama Masjid’s Mughlai food to Connaught Place’s hidden gems, you have so many street food options in Delhi that it would take more than one trip to cover all the best street food places in Delhi. Tempted? Here are the best things to do in Delhi at night. 

Delhi At Night

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20 Things To Do In Delhi At Night

1- Enjoy The Beauty Of India Gate

New Delhi: Walking Tour by Night
India Gate is one of the top places to visit in Delhi at night.

India Gate is an iconic monument in Delhi, an “Arc-de-Triomphe”-like archway, and your visit to the city isn’t complete without taking a selfie here.

Once the sun sets, India Gate is floodlit with bright colours, and the water fountains nearby come to life with coloured lights.

Nestled in the heart of New Delhi, the structure is surrounded by lush green lawns, a popular hangout spot during the day and a great place to take a stroll and relax during the cool evenings in Delhi.

The gate becomes even more enchanting during Republic Day and Independence Day when you can see the gate lighted up in the colour of the Indian flag.

Recommended tour: New Delhi: Walking Tour by Night

2- Shop For Handicrafts At Dilli Haat

Villages in India have Rural Haats, or village markets, where local craftsmen sell their wares.

You can experience the ambience of a village market in Dilli Haat, a craft bazaar and food plaza in Delhi loaded with handicrafts, food and cultural activity from all corners of India.

Whether you are looking to purchase Indian handicrafts, ethnic wear, want to taste food from various parts of India, or like to relax amidst colourful shops and do some window shopping, you will love Dill haat.

Also, try out the mouth-watering delicacies from other parts of India like idlis, dosas, momos, thukpas and more.

Apart from Dill Haat, visit Janpath or Khan Market for handicrafts and souvenir shopping.

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3- Explore The Night Markets

If you are looking for retail therapy, you’ll find a treasure trove of electronic gadgets, clothing, accessories and leather goods in Delhi’s night markets.

The city’s night markets come alive after sunset, and the smells of delicious street food will beckon wherever you go.

Sarojini Nagar Night Market in Central Delhi, Karol Bagh Market, the upscale Khan Market, Chor Bazaar antique and second-hand goods market, the historic Chandni Chowk Market, Palika Bazaar underground market in Connaught Place, and Dilli Haat are some of the famous markets worth exploring in Delhi at night.

Recommended tour: Eat Like a Local: Chandni Chowk Street Food and Walking Tour

4- Take A Tour Of Old Delhi 

Delhi: Old And New Delhi City Private Day Trip By Tuk Tuk
Qutub Minar is one of the places to visit in Delhi for couples at night.

Your trip to Delhi will not be complete without joining a tour of Old Delhi and Chandni Chowk.

Take a stroll or hop on a rickshaw ride through the city’s historical heart and glimpse Delhi’s rich cultural heritage.

Chandni Chowk is one of India’s oldest and most iconic markets and a popular reference in Bollywood.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at this bustling wholesale market which is lined by hawkers, shops and street vendors offering all kinds of food and great food.

Chandni Chowk is a paradise for foodies, where you can find the country’s best parathas, chaat, jalebis, chole bathure, kebabs and more.

While exploring Old Delhi, keep an eye on hidden gems like old Havelis, traditional inns, spice markets and souvenir shops.

Visit the 800-year-old Gauri Shankar temple, marvel at the Red Fort and Jama Masjid and stroll along the banks of the river Yamuna that flows nearby.

Many tours are available, like the food tour, rickshaw tour and tuk-tuk tour that take you through the streets of Old Delhi with a private guide.

Recommended tour: Delhi: Old And New Delhi City Private Day Trip By Tuk Tuk

5- Attend The Light And Sound Show At Red Fort

Delhi: Heritage Walking Tour at Night with Dinner
The Red Fort In Delhi at night.

Red Fort, known locally as Lal Qila, is a 17th-century Mughal fortress that is an architectural marvel offering you one of the best things to do in Delhi at night – the Light and Sound show.

This show is among India’s best light and sound shows, offering a fun and informative experience for the whole family.

If you have ever wondered why Delhi has been such an important city in India from centuries ago through the Mughal era to the role Red Fort played in the Indian independence struggle, you must watch the show.

Check the show timings and availability in advance, as they may vary based on seasonal changes and other factors.

Recommended tour: Delhi: Heritage Walking Tour at Night with Dinner

6- Do A Pub Crawl

Delhi: 3 Hour Night Cycling Tour
A night view of central New Delhi at night.

If you like to party, Delhi’s best pubs and nightclubs scattered across the city, making Delhi’s pub scene is one of the best and most extensive in the country.

You can visit the centrally located Connaught Place is a hub for bars and pubs, with a variety of pubs ranging from classic British-style pubs to trendy lounges and rooftop bars.

The youthful and trendy Hauz Khas village is famous for its young crowd and eclectic mix of bars and cafes.

For a cozy and laid-back pub crawl experience, head to the famous Nehru Place market, and for a refined and upscale pubbing experience, plan a jaunt in Saket.

If you are in the Gurugram area, you’ll find many more places like the DLF Cyber Hub and Ambience Mall, where you hop into many pubs close to each other.

The pricey but perfect Club Pangaea, the vibrant Privee Club, and the budget-friendly My Bar Square are some pubs to visit in Delhi.

Start early for your pubbing jaunt, take the required safety precautions, and have a great time!

Recommended tour: Delhi: 3-Hour Night Cycling Tour

7- Enjoy Delhi’s Famous Street Food In A Night Crawl

Old Delhi: Street Food Tour
Pindi Chole Kulche is a popular street food in Delhi at night.

From the moment you planned your visit to Delhi until you arrived in this incredible city, one thing you must have discovered is the delightful world of Delhi’s street food.

When it comes to street food, there are so many options that you can try in Delhi that instead of sticking to just one place, do a street food crawl! Go on a joyful jaunt where you can keep tasting whatever interests you, wherever you want to eat.

Start your night crawl in the iconic Chandni Chowk, the heart of Old Delhi, by visiting Paranthe Wali Gali.

Relish piping hot and crispy parathas stuffed with various delectable fillings from classic potato and paneer to innovative options like rabri and khoya.

Try the famous Indian chaat like papdi chaat, golgappa, and aloo chaat, all garnished with chutneys and fresh herbs.

Make your way to the bustling Khari Baoli, Asia’s largest spice market, where you can immerse yourself in the appetising aromas and vibrant colours of the spices and perhaps pick up some exotic seasonings to take home.

If you love kebabs, you’ll find many kebab vendors near Jama Masjid serving the best grilled aromatic kebabs like the succulent and flavorful seekh kebabs, chicken tikka, and melt-in-your-mouth galouti kebabs.

Don’t forget to order a side of naan or aromatic chicken/ mutton biryani.

No night crawl in Delhi is complete without a visit to Gali Paranthe Wali again, but this time for the sweet treats.

Indulge in the mouthwatering jalebis, rabri falooda, and kulfi to satisfy your dessert cravings.

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8- Have A Free Meal In Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Delhi: Guided Evening Tour of Delhi City
Gurudwara Bangla Sahib in Delhi at night.

If you want a relaxing place in Delhi, head to Gurudwara Bangla Sahib near Connaught Place.

The place of worship for Sikhs in Delhi is an architectural beauty that offers a spiritual experience in clean and pleasant surroundings.

While you’re here, you can partake in a heart-warming tradition of Langar – offering free meals to everyone regardless of their religion, background or beliefs.

A modest meal at a gurudwara would make you realise just how delicious a simple vegetarian meal comprising dal (lentil curry), roti (Indian bread), sabzi (vegetable dish), and kheer (sweet rice pudding) can be.

Before entering the main prayer hall, cover your head as a sign of respect and remove your shoes as a gesture of humility.

Recommended tour: Delhi: Guided Evening Tour of Delhi City

9- Pamper Your Senses With A Fine-Dining Dinner With Indian Cuisine

Delhi is where you can try the best and finest Indian cuisines from across India.

Many luxurious restaurants have a warm, cosy ambience and décor that will make you feel like royalty.

Try sumptuous Mughlai and North Indian food, and feast on tasty South Indian or international cuisine.

Connaught Place in the heart of Delhi has several fine-dining restaurants offering diverse cuisines and elegant settings, such as the Mughlai Junction and the Embassy Restaurant.

Khan Market, Saket, Connaught Place, Lodhi Road, Greater Kailash, and Rajouri Garden are some places with upscale fine-dining restaurants.

Delhi also has restaurant chains with many outlets throughout the city that serve different Indian cuisines like South Indian, Bengali, Punjabi, Maharashtrian, Gujarati and more, while some restaurants serve a mix of various Indian cuisines.

Recommended tour: Delhi: Food Tour at Night with Dinner & Temple Visit

10- Watch A Live Music Show/Comedy Gig

Whether you like to spend an evening sipping on a cocktail enjoying a music show or a comedy gig or want to go to a full-on music concert or comedy show with all the bells and whistles, Delhi has you covered.

Chic cafes, jazz clubs, pubs with famous DJs, cafes hosting talented and upcoming musicians – there are so many options to enjoy music in Delhi.

Comedy clubs and comedy performances are also very popular in India, with clubs like Canvas Laugh Club, Happy High, Nerds of Comedy, Playground Comedy Studio, The Laugh Store and many more that have regular performances to tickle your senses.

If you want a large-scale music concert, check out the schedule in Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts, India Habitat Centre, Talkatora Indoor Stadium, and Siri Fort Auditorium.

11- Drive Down To Murthal For A Dhaba Experience

Murthal is just a short drive north of Delhi, where you can have the best dhaba experience in Delhi.

This small town in Haryana is famous for its cluster of dhabas lining National Highway 44.

Dhabas are popular restaurants on Indian highways that specialise in North Indian cuisine, like sumptuous parathas served with dollops of fresh white butter, accompanied by various mouthwatering curries, pickles, and lassis.

Unlike regular restaurants, the dhabas’ ambience is more rustic, with open-air seating adding to the overall appeal.

Whether you are a food enthusiast, a road trip enthusiast or seeking a break from the city, Murthal will be a memorable and authentic dhaba encounter you’ll cherish during your visit to India.

12- Enjoy The Beautifully Lit Qutub Minar Area

The Qutub Minar complex is a UNESCO World Heritage site which is a beautiful area worth visiting after sunset.

The structures here, including the famed Qutub Minar tower, are a testament to Delhi’s rich history and architectural grandeur, whose intricate carvings and designs become the highlight and exude a mystical charm when beautifully lit.

Wander around in the peaceful ambience and the soft lighting and shadows inside the complex, where your sense of mystery and the area’s medieval roots make the whole experience quite memorable.

Recommended tour: Delhi: Full-Day Qutb Minar, Old and New Delhi Private Tour

13- Take A Night Safari To Sanjay Van

Experience a unique night safari at Sanjay Van, a city forest near Mehrauli and Vasant Kunj.

Covering an expansive 783-acre (317 ha) area, this dense woodland provides an ideal setting for a night-time trek and a bit of adventure.

Many tour agencies in Delhi offer guided night safaris to Sanjay Van, immersing you in a vibrant nocturnal world where the jungle comes alive with the sounds of insects and nocturnal birds.

Tour guides explain the history of Mehrauli and deliver fascinating tales about Delhi, adding an extra layer of intrigue to this night-time excursion.

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14- Take A Stroll On The Beautiful Shantipath

Shantipath, which translates to the “Path of Peace,” is a serene boulevard in central Delhi lined with beautiful gardens and lush greenery amidst embassy buildings, providing a soothing ambience for an evening walk.

With several embassies and high commissions on both sides, the road has well-maintained sidewalks and pedestrian-friendly pathways that make it easy to explore the area at your own pace.

Shantipath also offers delightful glimpses of the India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhavan, especially when illuminated after sunset, making your evening walk even more memorable.

Drop into the nearby Nehru Park, which has ample green space to stretch, exercise, and even play a game of cricket or football (or frisbee) and attend a festival here.

15- Enjoy A Night Movie Show

One of the best ways to spend an evening in Delhi is to drop into a late-night movie show.

You can share the experience of watching a movie with the cinema-loving locals by watching a Bollywood movie or catching up on the latest Hollywood flick. 

Many Bollywood movies have midnight premiers in Delhi, do keep an eye on such a show where you can mingle with excited fans and see why movies are so popular in India.

There are modern malls with multiplex movie theatres and older standalone theatres like Delite Cinema, Shiela Theatre, Moti Cinema and Golcha Cinema for a more authentic Bollywood movie experience.

16- Take A Heritage Walk

If you like heritage walks, Delhi has several historical places and monuments where guided walks are regularly organised.

You can get a peek into Delhi’s fascinating heritage by visiting Mehrauli Archeological Park or Mehrauli Village, where you can see old ruins, including a stepwell, old British residences and the Qutub Minar Complex.

You can explore the famous Nizamuddin Basti, home to the dargah (mausoleum) of the revered Sufi saint Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya and visit the historic tombs of Humayun’s Tomb and Isa Khan.

The Lodi Gardens Heritage Walk takes you through the historic and beautifully landscaped Lodi Gardens, dotted with tombs and monuments from the Lodi and Sayyid dynasties.

Take the British Colonial Heritage Walk that takes you through the colonial-era landmarks in central Delhi, including India Gate, Parliament House, Rashtrapati Bhavan, and the Secretariat buildings.

If you haven’t already visited Connaught Place, the Connaught Place Heritage Walk is a great way to explore this British-era commercial centre’s historical buildings and landmarks and have dinner in one of the famous restaurants here.

Recommended tour: Delhi: Heritage Walking Tour at Night with Dinner

17- Visit ISKCON Temple

Delhi Evening Trip by Car 4hr
The beautiful Lotus Temple in Delhi at sunset.

A great way to spend an evening in Delhi and learn about Indian culture and traditions, and celebrate Indian festivals, is to visit an ISKCON temple.

ISKCON has a worldwide presence, with temples and centres in numerous countries.

The temples are hubs of spirituality and host various cultural and educational programs, including music and dance performances, art exhibitions, and seminars on Vedic philosophy and spirituality.

The ISKCON Temple Delhi-Glory Of India & Vedic Cultural Centre allows you to explore your spiritual side.

If you are interested, you can also participate in activities like singing kirtans, listening to discourses on spirituality, celebrating festivals and participating in outreach programs for the underprivileged.

The temple also has a vegetarian café for visitors.

Recommended tour: Delhi Evening Trip by Car – 4hr

18- Spend An Evening At Indian Habitat Centre

If you want to learn more about Indian culture and spend an evening doing something unique, visit the Indian Habitat Centre (IHC).

The IHC is a prominent cultural hub where you can attend a classical music concert, watch a dance performance, attend a talk, and even watch a film screening.

The centre also has a library, art gallery and film club where you can watch movies and restaurants open until midnight.

Keep an eye on Habitat’s calendar for a list of all the events scheduled, and you’ll find something interesting you will want to attend.

India International Centre is another facility close to the IHC where you can experience Indian culture through concerts, performances, symposia, seminars, film screenings and more.

19- Watch A Theatre Play

Akshardham: Exhibition, Light and Water Show with Transfers
The magical Arkshadam Temple lit up in Delhi at night.

Delhi has a thriving theatre culture, where you can watch plays ranging from famous local theatre groups to touring international theatre companies.

You can choose from various genres, from thought-provoking dramas and timeless classics to light-hearted comedies and experimental performances.

To attend a play in Delhi, keep an eye on the schedules of various theatres and cultural venues in the city.

You can visit famous theatres like Kamani Auditorium, Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts, and Akshara Theatre, Indian Habitat Centre, among others.

Recommended tour: Akshardham: Exhibition, Light and Water Show with Transfers

20- Tour Delhi’s Haunted Places

If you are up for a unique tour to learn hidden mysteries and spooky stories about seemingly ordinary places that stand inconspicuously among their surroundings, try a tour of Delhi’s haunted places.

Take a late-night tour with a paranormal investigator.

You will be taken to places with chilling tales and experiences, ghostly sightings, unfinished true stories and real-life encounters with beings from the afterlife (that’s what they say).

Places like Delhi cantonment, Lothian cemetery, Khooni Darwaza, Agrasen Ki Baoli – the list of places with untold stories is long.

Many tours include numerous haunted places in Delhi, and you will be given prior training on how to use laser grids and night vision and thermal cameras to make you see what’s not to be seen.

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