20 Things To Do In Mumbai At Night

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If you want to experience quintessential India, there is no better place than visiting Mumbai, the ‘City of Dreams’. The city is known (sometimes notoriously) for its yearly heavy monsoon rainfall. The green city is also the financial capital of India and the home of Bollywood movies. You’ll find the best entertainment options and the best nightlife here. Beaches, theme parks, historical places, forts, shopping, street food, famous religious places – there is always something to do here anytime in Mumbai at night and during the day.

The city is sprinkled with high-rise buildings that co-exist with older buildings. One of the city’s most iconic landmarks is the Gateway of India, which overlooks the Arabian Sea. True to its name, the Gateway of India is an entry into Mumbai’s rich history, including its colonial past. From there, explore the narrow lanes of Colaba and Fort areas, lined with charming colonial buildings, bustling markets and quaint cafes. Many of these markets are always bustling with activity, even after midnight. If you fancy a bite or a drink late at night, you will find lots of cafes and street food stalls.

Mumbai is also a paradise for art and culture enthusiasts. Many museums and religious places have timings stretched into late evenings, especially during summer when the sun sets a bit late. The city is also home to numerous galleries, theatres and cultural centres where you can appreciate art in different forms like singing and dancing, painting, or even beautiful street art.

Mumbai is also known for its various Indian ethnic wear from across the country and several ethnic designer brands on almost every street. Many Indians travel to Mumbai for their wedding shopping due to the large variety of designs and price ranges here. So shop for a saree or salwar kameez while you’re there. You’ll love the variety of food options, from great street food joints to high-end fine-dining eateries. While savouring the flavours, watch for a local or international celebrity dining in the same famous shop you are in. Here are the best things to do in Mumbai at night. 

Mumbai At Night

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UNESCO World Heritage Building Of `Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus
UNESCO World Heritage Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus railway station illuminated in Mumbai at night.

20 Things To Do In Mumbai At Night

1- Night Cycling Tour In South Mumbai

Bicycles In The Park at sunset
A bike tour is a fun way to explore Mumbai at night.

Cycling at night is a fulfilling experience in Mumbai.

Being a peninsular city, most locals who work in the central and southern parts of the city stay in the northern or eastern suburbs.

This means the central and southern areas of the city become relatively empty after sunset, and you can enjoy the tranquil streets of Southern Mumbai on a cycling tour.

Catch a glimpse of the city’s real beauty in the lights like Marine Drive and Shivaji Park, the Gateway of India, Colaba, Nariman Point, and many more areas while taking in the calm respite from the otherwise busy streets.

A cycling tour will take you to explore hidden lanes and offbeat eateries otherwise crowded during the day.

Recommended tour: Midnight Cycling Adventure Tour in Mumbai

2- Take In The Sea Breeze On Marine Drive Or Worli Seaface

Mumbai Showing The Bandra Worli Sea Link
A view of Mumbai showing the Bandra Worli Sea Link passing over Mahim Bay.

One of the best things to do after sunset in Mumbai is to walk along Marine Drive or Worli Seaface.

These are popular destinations to hang out and spend a relaxing time with your loved ones, as during the night, street lights illuminate and highlight the beautiful view of the coastline.

The seaside walkways are dotted with eateries, cafes and roadside stalls, where you can treat your taste buds with inexpensive food.

You can also watch the sunset here without wetting your feet.

You can grab a cup of Mumbai’s famous cutting chai and enjoy a long late-night walk.

Recommended tour: An Evening at Shree Siddhivinayak and the Bandra-Worli Sea Link

3- Watch A Bollywood Movie

In Mumbai, you must watch a Bollywood movie in an old theatre like it’s meant to be watched.

While many new malls and multiplexes regularly feature movie shows every day, the best experience to enjoy movies would be to visit one of the old-time theatres running movie shows for decades.

Regal Cinema in Colaba is an iconic movie theatre known for its beautiful interior. 

Another historic theatre, Liberty Carnival Cinemas in Marine Lines, is a charming old theatre that comfortably blends modern technology.

Others are Le Reve in Bandra, PVR IMAX in Lower Parel and INOX in Nariman Point.

Your experience of watching a Bollywood movie in Mumbai will be unique!

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4- Take A Bollywood Studio Tour

Mumbai is the home of Bollywood, and you can experience the thrill of movie-making by taking a studio tour.

Over 100 films are produced yearly in Mumbai.

In Mumbai’s Film City, budding actors and popular superstars work their hearts out for a movie.

Catch a glimpse of a live movie shooting and even take pictures with a few, maybe even with a popular movie star.

If you are up for it, you can even appear in a Bollywood movie while on tour, as many movies regularly use foreigners for some of the scenes.

5- Explore Gateway of India

India Gate Park, New Delhi, India Dark Night View
India Gate Park is one of the iconic places to visit in Mumbai at night.

No visit to Mumbai is complete without visiting the iconic Gateway of India on the shores of the Arabian Sea.

The Gateway of India holds historical and architectural significance.

At night, the monument comes alive with colours making it a different and captivating experience, and you can see the monument’s grandeur against the backdrop of the Arabian Sea.

Opposite the gateway is another iconic building – the five-star Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.

If you want to taste authentic Mumbai cuisine, there are several restaurants and street food stalls near the monument where you can enjoy a hearty meal.

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6- Visit Victoria Terminus And Take A Local Train

Victoria Terminus, also known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST), is a historic building in South Mumbai that is also a train terminus that was built during British rule.

The building was built in the 1800s and showcases Indo-Saracenic Victorian Gothic architecture, intricate detailing, and a combination of Indian and European design elements.

The building serves as a base for Mumbai’s local train network, and once you enter the building, you will be immersed in the energy, hustle and bustle of Mumbai’s local trains.

For an authentic Mumbai experience, hop aboard one of the local trains departing from Victoria Terminus and get a unique perspective of Mumbai’s neighbourhoods and how people integrate train journeys into their daily routines.

Local trains are the “Life Line of Mumbai”, but will be extremely crowded during peak hours and a journey during peak time is as thrilling as it is memorable, while you can enjoy a less crowded experience at night.

Take all the safety measures and enjoy a great night-time ride.

7- Enjoy Bollywood Night In A Pub Or Restaurant

Mumbai has many places to enjoy an energetic and entertaining Bollywood-themed night.

Sip your favourite drink and shake a leg for Bollywood songs which are generally quite high on beats and melodious in tune.

While modern Bollywood songs have more Western influences like pop, hip-hop, EDM, and R&B, older songs were more influenced by Indian classical music, Ghazals and folk music.

Whichever type of song you hear, you will love the tunes and will want to hit the dance floor.

Places like Door No.1 in Bandra, Glocal Junction in Worli, 99 Bollywood Bar in Khar, and Tamasha in Lower Parel are popular places for Bollywood nights.

Many other popular pubs in Central and South Mumbai areas can be found.

Recommended tour: Bollywood Night Party

8- Go Bar Hopping

Mumbai has several posh pubs and bars that offer an incredible experience of nightlife in the city.

Casual bars and pubs dominate the Mumbai nightlife scene, as lower alcohol prices are popular among the young crowd, while ritzy nightclubs add that extra luxury to your night jaunt.

Renowned DJs from around the world regularly perform in many of the pubs.

With unique and sometimes quirky décor, different types of music from Bollywood to international, and various cuisines, you will be spoilt for choice for bars.

You can spend an evening hopping from one bar to another in one of Colaba, Lower Parel, Bandra and Andheri areas and enjoy all that the Mumbai pub scene offers.

A wide variety of options, a cosmopolitan vibe, and a reputation for being safe makes Mumbai the safest party destination in India.

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9- Visit Juhu Beach At Sunset

Marine Drive In The Night With Car Light Trails
Light trails on Queen’s Necklace Marine drive in Mumbai at night.

Juhu Beach has long been the most popular attraction in Mumbai.

If you want to cool your feet in the water, snack on Mumbai’s street food or watch the sunset, look no further than Juhu Beach.

Packed with locals on weekends, but weekdays are a great time to visit the beach.

Even after the sun sets, you can continue having fun here with many rides, street food stalls and activities that go on late into the evening.

The beach is also known for being where many Bollywood films have been shot over the years, making it a must-visit for its locales and experiences.

On a clear day, you can gaze at the stars and let the rhythmic cold water play with your feet while you snack on street food like vada pav, pani puri, bhel puri, sev puri, and many others.

Recommended tour: Half-Day Private Mumbai Chowpatty Tour Including Dinner

10- Enjoy Street Food In A Night Market

Chapatti bread cooking In Mumbai

Mumbai is a city that never sleeps.

Even late into the night, you will always find market areas bustling with activity, with one or the other shops open for business.

While Mumbai doesn’t have a permanent night market like cities like Bangkok, it does have many markets and food stalls that operate late into the night.

These places are popular among locals and tourists for shopping, street food, and experiencing the city’s energetic vibe even late into the night.

There are designated night markets that open up periodically and, depending on where you are, visit one of the closest markets.

Colaba Causeway Market in South Mumbai, Mohammed Ali Road in Masjid Bandar, Linking Road in Bandra, Crawford Market near Victoria Terminus, and the Juhu Chowpatty near the Juhu Beach are popular spots to snack on some delicious Mumbai street food late into the night.

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11- Watch A Stand-up Comedy Show

Stand-up comedy shows in Mumbai have become immensely popular, offering a delightful blend of laughter and entertainment.

Talented comedians show their wit, humour, and relatable observations (mainly in English) to audiences on a variety of local and international topics.

You can watch an Indian comedian make witty comments on a range of topics, including life in India, politics, news and even bring up their own life experiences during a show to evoke a laugh from you.

Many international comedians also regularly come to Mumbai and give a piece of their mind to make you chuckle.

Canvas Laugh Club, The Habitat, Cuckoo Club, The Social are some popular stand-up venues, while many local bars and eateries also invite comedians regularly.

Larger venues like NCPA, the Royal Opera House also have comedy shows in their lineup where you can laugh with a bigger audience.

12- Go To A Music Concert

Mumbai is where you’ll find people from all corners of India and a large expat population.

Music is a great equalizer in India, and music concerts are where everyone passionate about music converges and celebrates the performances.

Many famous local musicians and internationally acclaimed artists regularly organize concerts in Mumbai.

You can swoon to a Bollywood song, enjoy genres like rock, pop, EDM music and attend a traditional Indian classical music performance in Mumbai.

Some of these shows even have Bollywood superstars making a guest appearance, so be ready to see fans fall one over the other to get their autographs!

13- Spend An Evening At A Mall

You will likely be close to a mall depending on which part of Mumbai you are in.

While most malls have similar shops, eateries, movie halls and conveniences, each mall has its own unique hangout places, play areas, arcades, clubs and activity centres.

Atria Millennium Mall, with a zen garden on its roof, Growel’s 101 Mall, built in a neoclassical European style, and the high-end Phoenix Palladium Mall are some popular malls in Mumbai.

Many of these malls are great places to catch up on a movie, go to a restaurant, or chill out late at night to take a breather after a hectic day.

14- Shop For A Bargain In A Bazaar

If there is one thing Indians are known for, they can shop for a bargain.

When you visit any shop in a busy market, you’ll always find a customer bargaining about the price.

Mumbai is known for shopping, and visitors from across the country come to the city to shop as prices are reasonable.

While malls are where prices are mostly fixed, you can find the real pulse of Mumbai shopping in one of the local markets.

Colaba Causeway Market in south Mumbai is one of the oldest markets in Mumbai, where you can find anything from clothes to incense sticks.

Crawford Market is one of the largest markets in Mumbai, where you shop for fresh produce, spices, Indian groceries and household goods.

Chor Bazaar, colloquially called Thieves Market, is a good place to search for cheap and genuine electronic items.

There are many other markets, like Bhendi Bazaar and Linking Road Market, where you can shop for anything under the sun.

Whichever market you are in, don’t forget to bargain!

15- Watch A Theater Play

There are numerous performance venues all around the city of Mumbai.

Whether you are in South Mumbai, Central, or the Suburbs, you will always find a local art theatre where you can watch plays.

Different theatres have different genres of plays.

Prithvi Theatre is a popular venue known for its experimental and classic productions and attracts renowned theatre artists.

The National Centre for the Performing Arts has multiple theatres, including Indian and international productions, musicals, ballets and other performances.

The historic Royal Opera House hosts various artistic events, including plays, operas, and ballets.

It combines heritage charm with modern facilities, providing a unique theatre experience.

16- Take A Late-Night Heritage Walk

Mumbai is one of the oldest cities in India and has a long history.

Many historical buildings in South and Central Mumbai testify to the city’s importance and have many a story to tell when lit up at night.

You can participate in a heritage walk through one of the important older localities and get mesmerized by the beauty and stories the older buildings tell.

Walking through these areas with a guide will take you through hidden lanes and eateries, making your trip even more memorable.

Check out Victoria Terminus, Flora Fountain, Gateway of India, BMC Heritage Building, Wankhede Stadium and many other heritage buildings, and make sure you have a camera handy for those memorable pics.

17- Sip A Drink On A Rooftop Bar

Mumbai Skyline In The Evening
The Mumbai skyline at night with its glittering skyscrapers.

Enjoy luxury by sipping your favourite drink on a rooftop bar.

You can enjoy your drink with a cool breeze on your face and views of the sea in the distance.

A relaxed ambience, beautiful views, favourable weather throughout the year, a drink, and delicious Indian snacks on your plate is the best way to wind down.

Aer, Asilo, Dome, The Breeze Lounge are some of the popular rooftop bars in Mumbai where you can enjoy the pleasant sea breeze and the beautiful city views.

Recommended tour: Guided Night Walking Tour in Mumbai – explore the best nightlife with a local

18- Watch A Cricket Match In Wankhede Stadium

Cricket for Indians is what Football is for Brazilians.

The most popular sport in India meets the most cricket-crazy city in India in Mumbai.

If you have the opportunity, one of the best things to do in Mumbai is to watch a game of cricket in the famous Wankhede Stadium.

Be ready for an exhilarating experience where you can witness the Indians’ passion for the game first-hand.

Wankhede hosts various forms of cricket matches throughout the year, but the stadium truly comes alive with fans during the Indian Premier League (IPL) season in May.

The Wankhede Stadium is the home of Mumbai’s cricket team – The Mumbai Indians, who have one of the most successful victory records in the IPL.

The immersive and high-octane cricket match experience with cheers, chants, waves and excitement of the die-hard fans will give you a new perspective on the game of cricket and make you enjoy the game even more.

Don’t miss the guided tours through the stadium, where you can learn interesting facts, anecdotes, and insights into its significance and role in Indian cricket.

19- Go For A Sunset Cruise On The Arabian Sea

If you like to experience Mumbai from a different perspective, you must cruise along the Arabian Sea.

You can choose among different tours that start before sunset and end with dinner or start much earlier and end just after sunset.

Away from the city, you can enjoy the sea breeze and watch the sunset, the moon takes to the sky, and stars start to show while sailing along the calm waters of the Arabian Sea.

Depending on your comfort, you can pick your luxury boat from a sports yacht, sailboat, or a regular ferry tour.

Some cruises offer to pick up and drop off from your hotel.

20- Relax With A Refreshing Massage

After exploring the megacity of Mumbai, wrap up your day with a rejuvenating and calming massage to alleviate muscle tension and relax.

While getting a massage is a refreshing experience, getting one late evening will help you unwind before a restful night’s sleep.

Drop into a nearby spa after dark to have a much-needed massage.

Most spas open till late evening or full night are in luxury hotels across Mumbai. 

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