20 Things To Do In Marrakech At Night

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Marrakech is close to the Sahara desert and while locals tend to stay indoors during the heat of the midday sun, the city comes alive at night. This is the best time to explore the vibrant markets, enjoy a traditional Moroccan show, taste Moroccan delicacies in a rooftop restaurant, and even dance the night away. Although Morocco is a Muslim country, you can buy alcohol in many bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, but always check before you go in to avoid being disappointed.

Marrakech is a city of two halves, the Old Town, the Medina, and the New Town, Gueliz. The Medina dates to the Middle Ages and is a labyrinth of narrow alleys, souks, and mosques. It is a must for any visit to the city. The New Town, Gueliz, has a vibrant nightlife scene with a wide variety of cafes, restaurants, bars, and clubs on offer. I have chosen my top 20 things to do in Marrakech at night, which will hopefully help you to make the most of your time there.

Marrakech At Night

20 Things To Do In Marrakech At Night

1- Explore The Souks In The Medina

Impressions Of Typical Moroccan Souks In The Marrakech's Medina
Explore the souks in the Medina in Marrakech at night.

The Medina is surrounded by pink walls which look beautiful at sunset.

Early evening is a great time to explore the Old City as it is when the locals come out to shop in the souks and the place livens up.

The souks stay open until around 9 p.m. so you have plenty of time to explore and haggle for traditional Moroccan items, such as leatherwork, aromatic spices, brass lanterns, hand-made rugs, and much more.

Yes, haggling is expected but be aware that some vendors can be persistent. You need to be firm, say no thank you, and walk away if you don’t want to buy.


The main thoroughfare of the Medina is Souk Semmarine.

It is a long and wide alley, much wider than most streets in the Old Town, and is a magical palace with shops overflowing onto the street.

If you are looking for kaftans or antiques this is the place to go.

As you wander down the street, try a traditional Moroccan pastry such as a briouat, a flaky filled puff pastry which can be either sweet or savoury, or a m’hanncha, an almond pastry which tastes of citrus and is deliciously flaky.

Most vendors don’t take credit or debit cards, so remember to bring cash. You may like this group shopping tour.

2- Enjoy The Sunset At A Rooftop Restaurant

Group Of Friends Taking And Enjoying Drinks During Rooftop Party
Enjoying the sunset at a rooftop restaurant is what to do at night in Marrakech.

The sunset is spectacular from the rooftop of many restaurants in the Medina.

Gaze at the pink and orange colours covering the buildings, while listening to the calls to prayer from the mosques.

Sip a cocktail or enjoy a meal while taking in the city’s magic.

One of the best restaurants to enjoy this experience is L’Mida.

The decor is beautiful with its pop art colours and green terrace.

The smell of jasmine from the garden gently fills the space.

The food is excellent and is a fusion of Moroccan and European tastes, created by Moroccan chef, and food writer, Nargisse Benkabbou.

However, it doesn’t serve alcohol.

L’Mida is always busy so be sure to book.

L’Mida is at Derb Nakhla, 78 Rahba Lakdima, Marrakech, 40030.

Another excellent rooftop restaurant is Kabana which has a fantastic view of the largest mosque in the city, the Koutoubia.

It opens at 11 in the morning and doesn’t shut until 2 a.m.

Unlike L’Mida, Kabana does serve alcohol and has an extensive drinks list.

It serves a variety of cuisines, including Mediterranean and sushi, and there are vegetarian options.

It is a trendy place to visit so again, if you plan to go in the evening, book.

Kabana is at 1 Kissanat Benkhalid R’mila, Rue Lalla Fatima Zahra, Marrakech, 40000.

3- Take A Guided Walking Tour

Evening On Djemaa El Fna Square
Take a guided tour in Marrakech at night to discover hidden delights.

A great way to acquaint yourself with the Medina is to take an evening walking tour with an experienced guide.

You will be taken to the Souk Semmarine, to the main square, Jemaa el-Fina, and to the Koutoubia Mosque which non-Muslims can’t enter but can admire from the outside.

Wandering through the narrow alleys, your guide will tell you about the lifestyle of the people of Marrakech, their customs, their religion, and their food culture.

4- Explore The Jemaa El-Faa

Jamaa El Fna Market Square In Sunset
Shop at Jemaa El-Fnaa Market in Marrakech square at night.

One of the best things to do in Marrakech at night is to spend time in the main square of the Medina, the Jemaa El-Faa.

There has been a market there since the 11th century and now you will not only come across vendors selling anything from spices to lanterns to earthenware, but exciting food carts will entice you with their delectable street food.

Performers entertain, storytellers enthral you with their tales, and musicians play their alluring tunes.

Be aware, however, that there are scammers. and the treatment of animals leaves something to be desired.

You will see men luring snakes out of a basket with music and others offering to take photos of you with a monkey.

I gave these people a wide berth when I was in Marrakech so be prepared to be firm but polite if you don’t want to get involved.

It can get busy in the square so why not take a break at a rooftop bar and relax with a mint tea or a cocktail?

L’Adresse Cafe and Restaurant has a lively atmosphere and a lovely view.

Prices are reasonable and it is open until 1 a.m. so you could have a meal first and then stay for drinks.

Some rooftop venues require you to eat and not only drink, so check before you sit down.

The only day of the week when the square might be quiet is on Fridays as many locals will be attending mosques.

You might not find as many vendors or entertainers but the bars and restaurants will still be open.

5- Listen To Jazz At Le Bistro Arabe

Perhaps jazz and Marrakech don’t seem a likely pair, but because of French colonial rule, Morocco has taken on some influences from other countries.

Le Bistro Arabe, down a narrow alley near the Jemaa el-Fnaa, hosts live jazz music nightly from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m.

It has tables by the pool, palm trees, and subdued lighting, making for a magical atmosphere.

The food is good and is a fusion of French and Moroccan flavours.

There aren’t starters or main courses but instead, shareable plates, adding to the intimacy of the atmosphere.

The dishes have been created by Moroccan celebrity chef Myriam Ettahri and there are vegetarian plates on offer.

The drinks list is comprehensive.

Exquisite cocktails are created, while if you are a wine drinker, the reds and the sangrias are excellent.

La Pergola Bar is on the roof so you can enjoy drinks with lovely views.

Le Bistro Arabe is at 7-8 Derb Chaabane, Rue Riad Zitoun el Kdim, Marrakech, 40000.

6- Take A Nighttime Guided Street Food Tour

This is a fantastic tour that introduces you to Moroccan street food.

A local guide takes you down the alleys of the Medina and tells you about the dishes and snacks that you try.

It will open your eyes to a whole new delicious cuisine.

However, it isn’t suitable for vegans or even vegetarians, as part of the tour takes you to watch a skilled cook prepare a roasted lamb or sheep in a traditional pit oven.

The tour begins in the Mellah district of the Old Town where you will see pastries being created.

There is, of course, an opportunity to sample some.

You will then taste a charcoal-baked tagine and learn how it is prepared.

As you wander through the souks, you will be able to try dates, olives, cheeses, and other traditional Moroccan delicacies.

Your tastebuds will tingle with all the different flavours.

The journey continues with a meal in a traditional Moroccan restaurant and ends with a mint tea in a rooftop cafe.

7- Explore The New Town, Gueliz

Gueliz, the New Town of Marrakech, is just a five-minute walk from the Medina and is a great place to go for nightlife.

Gueliz was built by the French in the early 20th century when they occupied the country.

It is very different to the Old Town as it has wide streets, big squares, and modern buildings.

It is popular with expats who frequent the chic restaurants and trendy bars.

One of the best restaurants is Plus 61 which blends Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and South Asian flavours.

The menu changes throughout the year, using only produce that is in season.

There are vegan dishes on offer.

Plus 61 is at 96 Rue Mohammed el Beqal, Marrakech, 40000.

Innovative cocktails can be enjoyed at Barometre, which was the first mixology bar in the country to be opened.

There is also a restaurant which merges Mediterranean and Moroccan cuisine.

The restaurant and bar work together to present sharing dishes paired with cocktails.

Barometer is at Mouley Ali, Marrakech, 40000.

Gueliz has so many nightclubs that you will be spoiled for choice.

The dress code is smart, which means that men should wear trousers and a collared shirt, and women should dress up.

Some of the best clubs include 555 Famous Club, Babouchka, Montecristo, SoLounge, and Theatro.

Most serve alcohol but check before you go in as a few don’t. You generally have to pay a cover charge in the nightclubs.

8- Enjoy The Chez Ali Fantasia Folk Show

For an immersion in Moroccan culture, this show is a must.

It is held nightly in a setting which will remind you of the Arabian Nights, and I can honestly say that this was one of the best experiences I had when I visited Marrakech.

You will see belly dancers, hear traditional songs, and watch acrobats on horses, as well as horseback riders in battle gear, showcasing their weaponry skills.

A traditional Moroccan dinner is also served in ornate Bedouin tents.

9- Enjoy A Cocktail At The Hotel La Mamounia

Cocktails In Glasses On Bar Counter
Have cocktails at La Mamounia in the Marrakech Medina at night.

La Mamounia is a five-star hotel with not one, but four lounge bars, all different from each other.

It is the most expensive hotel in Marrakech so if you want to wear your best gear, this is the place to go.

If you are looking for an intimate and quiet atmosphere, choose Le Churchill as this bar only seats nine people.

On the other hand, you might want to party, and Le Club will suit you down to the ground.

It is on the rooftop and has both great views and fantastic music.

Next to the swimming pool, you will find Le Bar de la Piscine.

Visit during the day for a smoothie or wellness drink and in the evening, for a cocktail.

If you enjoy jazz, live jazz is played in Le Bar Majorelle.

It has beautiful decor and chic red couches which you can sink back into.

La Mamounia is at Avenue Bab Jdid, Marrakech-Safi, 40040.

10- Take An Agafay Desert Sunset Tour

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and head to the Agafay desert, where you will see a beautiful pink, purple, and orange sunset.

Afterwards, enjoy a meal of Berber and Arabian food, while watching a show with traditional music and dancing.

On the way to the desert, you will stop at a women’s argan oil cooperative where you will see how the nuts are ground by hand to produce the oil.

If you are the adventurous sort, you could alternatively take a quad bike tour into the desert and conquer the dunes.

You will have an expert guide with you who will first give you safety instructions.

Both tours are made all the better with the backdrop of the Atlas mountains.

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11- Dance The Night Away At Theatro

Enjoy a cocktail or two while watching fantastic light shows at Theatro, one of the best nightclubs in Marrakech.

Not only can you dance to a blend of Afro, hip-hop, and house music, played by enthusiastic DJs, but there are nightly shows to enjoy.

Throughout the evening, you will see fire eaters, dancers, and acrobats performing quality acts.

The nightclub is open from 11.30 p.m. until 5 a.m. so is a place for night owls.

Theatro is at Rue Ibrahim El Mazini, Marrakech, 40000.

12- Have A Coffee In Cafe Livre

Cafe Livre is in the New Town, Gueliz, and is a bar, restaurant, library, and bookshop all in one.

It is a great place to stop by after a day’s sightseeing to relax and unwind.

Café Livre is frequented by locals and expats, so you know that it is a great place to go.

Here you can play a board game while enjoying a well-deserved cup of coffee or browse through the collection of second-hand books.

Café Livre serves alcohol and beer is reasonably priced at 25 dirham which is about $2.50.

If you want a change from Moroccan food for an evening, you can get a selection of Western-style dishes at Café Livre, such as burgers and wings.

Visit on Mondays for trivia night or Fridays and Saturdays for live music and karaoke.

Cafe Livre is at 44 Rue Tarik Ben Ziad, Marrakech, 40000.

13- Indulge Yourself In A Hammam

Moroccan Fountain
Spoiling yourself at a hammam is one of the things to do in Marrakech at night.

Marrakech has many public bathhouses or hammams, which are a great place to relax and rejuvenate both body and soul.

There are three types of hammam.

The first is traditional which is budget-friendly and gives you an authentic experience, but be aware that you have to bathe naked, yes with your own sex, but still nothing I would like to do.

In addition, they don’t provide any supplies so you have to bring your own.

Private hammams are more expensive but they provide everything you need for the experience, including towels, slippers, and soap.

Right after the treatment, you are offered a cup of mint tea or a fruit cocktail.

If you want to indulge, head to a luxury hammam, usually housed in top-quality hotels.

They offer a large range of services, and some even have day packages which include the hammam, treatments such as massages and facials, pool access, and lunch.

One of the top hammams in Marrakech is in La Mamounia Hotel.

It is opulent and sophisticated, with a jacuzzi, a heated indoor pool, two traditional hammams, eight treatment rooms for singles and two for couples. Book a traditional Moroccan hamman experience here.

14- Enjoy An Evening At Comptoir Darna

For a spectacular dining experience, head to Comptoir Darna.

It has a stunning red and gold dining room and a beautiful garden terrace.

The menu offers traditional Moroccan cuisine and some international dishes, and the wine list is comprehensive.

When you enter the restaurant, you will be welcomed by a traditional orchestra playing both classical and Andalusian Arab music.

Each night, at 10 p.m., there is a show with belly dancers.

From Sunday until Wednesday, a band plays traditional Moroccan gnawa music between 11 p.m. and 11.45 p.m.

At midnight, on Fridays and Saturdays, there is a spectacular show performed by the Nuits Blanches of the nightclub Theatro.

Comptoir Darna is a t Avenue Echouhada Hivernage, Marrakech, 40000.

15- Enjoy The Views from El Fenn Rooftop Bar

This rooftop bar is open day and night and offers a fantastic view of the Koutoubia Mosque.

It is in the El Fenn Hotel, but you don’t have to be a guest to use the bar although the pool is only open to hotel guests.

The decor is impressive.

There are red couches, beautifully patterned chairs, and sun loungers.

The 30-foot bar is made from marble and one wall is filled with traditionally decorated Moroccan plates.

The bar menu is offered at all times and in the evenings, there is often a DJ.

The El Fenn Hotel is at Derb Moulay Abdullah Ben Hezzian2, Marrakech, 40000.

16- Have Fun At Cafe Clock

There is so much to do at Cafe Clock that you will be spoiled for choice.

There are classes on offer, such as calligraphy, cooking, and baking.

Enjoy a performance of Oud music, Sahara Sounds, storytelling, jam sessions, the Houariyat women’s band, or Gnawa concerts.

The schedule changes so check online to see what is on when you want to visit Cafe Clock.

Cafe Clock has a restaurant where you can get unusual dishes such as a camel burger and a Berber omelette, made with lots of spices such as ginger, turmeric, and coriander.

There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options as well.

Cafe Clock is at 224 Derb Chtouka, Marrakech, 40000.

17- Admire The Art And Drink Mint Tea At Riad Yima

Riad Yima is a gallery, boutique and tearoom, owned by the artist, Hassan Hajjay whose works are displayed in the gallery.

He became famous for creating a collection of photographs called Kech Angels that showed Moroccan girls dressed in robes on mopeds.

You can usually see this collection here, but it has been shown in venues in other countries such as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

You can purchase unusual items in Riad Yima, such as lanterns made from sardine cans, Moroccan slippers (babouches), and, if you can get it home, an oil drum turned into a stool.

After you have admired the art and made your purchases, sip delicious mint tea in the courtyard.

Riad Yima is at 52 Derb Aarjane Rahba Lakdima Medina, Marrakech, 40030.

18- Learn About Leatherwork In The Medina

Crafts In Marrakech
Shopping for leather goods is a fun thing to do in Marrakech at night.

The Moroccans pride themselves on their leatherwork so why not learn how to make a pair of babouches (slippers)?

There is an evening tour that takes you to a workshop in the Medina where you will learn how to make these traditional slippers.

These you can take home with you as a souvenir of your visit.

Throughout the evening, you will learn how to work with different types of leather and will be given everything you need to make your babouches.

You will have a guide with you who will translate the instructions from your teacher.

An extra touch is a traditional pastry and mint tea which is served during the evening.

Photographs are taken throughout the lesson and these will be sent to you via email.

19- Go Back To The 1920s In The Royal Mansour Bar

The Royal Mansour Hotel is luxurious and is one of the best hotels in Marrakech.

When you step inside, you feel as if you have entered a palace with marble floors and elaborate decor.

The hotel has three bars which can be used by members of the public and not only by hotel guests.

Entering the Main Bar, it is as if you have stepped back in time to the 1920s.

A piano plays tunes from the time, the furniture is reminiscent of the flapper days, and there is a magnificent hand-crafted silver ceiling.

The bartenders prepare both classic and innovative cocktails, served with delicious canapes.

The other two bars are also worth visiting.

The Fireplace Lounge is for the romantics among you.

The lights are dim and the atmosphere is intimate.

If you enjoy a cigar, head to the Cigar Bar which offers some of the best cigars in the world.

The Royal Mansour Hotel is in Rue Abou Abbas El Sebti, Marrakech, 40000.

20- Try Your Luck At The Casino De Marrakech

If you enjoy a little flutter, head to the sophisticated Casino de Marrakech, the first casino opened in Morocco.

It is in the Es Saadi Marrakech Resort, close to the Medina, and it has been open since 1952.

The decor and furnishings are chic, and the lighting is soft.

You can play poker, blackjack, and roulette, among other games, and there are 100 slot machines to try your luck on.

The casino holds poker tournaments throughout the year, and you may be lucky to see the top names playing at the tables.

Right next door to the casino is a restaurant and bar so you can easily spend the evening here.

The Casino de Marrakech is at Rue Hafid Ibrahim, Es Saadi Marrakech Resort, Marrakech, 40000./p

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